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WhatsApp Plus APK Download For Android (Updated)

WhatsApp Plus is a popular modded version of WhatsApp. It is used by millions of people and is just as well-known as GBWhatsApp. You have reached the right place if you’re looking for WhatsApp Plus latest version. This article will share the latest version of WhatsApp Plus APK, as well as information and tips & hints. offers WhatsApp Plus, along with some other popular WhatsApp Mods such as YoWhatsApp, GB Mod, and many more. This site allows you to download the latest version of WhatsApp Plus.

This app is great for so many reasons. I personally use it to hide my online status and hide blue ticks. WA plus is a great way to impress friends and show off the best WA Plus features. I trust that your needs will not be different from mine. You may also wish to hide your online status or write status. Everyone’s needs may be different. Some use it to dual WhatsApp, while others use it to enjoy all the benefits of GBWhatsapp Pro APK.

Download WhatsApp Plus Latest APK

People can also use the WA plus version on the exact same device. Both apps can be used simultaneously. Many people believe that WA plus is no longer worth the effort and does not work. This is false. It works, and I use it. However, due to the ban, I don’t use it with my primary number. It is possible to also download WhatsApp plus APK from your device without any errors. However, I strongly recommend that you do not use Whatsapp plus with a primary number. You can also download GBWhatsApp APK from this website by clicking the button below.

Download GBWhatsApp APK

Advantages Of Using WhatsApp Plus:

This app WA Plus allows you to take full advantage of many features that are not available in the regular version of WhatsApp. Although you may have used WhatsApp Plus for many months, I’m sure that you don’t know all the cool features I will be showing below.

Hide blue ticks:

Whatsapp Plus APK users receive a single tick when a message is sent. Double ticks indicate that messages were delivered, and double blue ticks indicate that the message was seen. Blue ticks can be hidden so that others don’t know you saw their messages.

Writing status:

WhatsApp allows you to send a message to another person by letting him know you are writing and typing. You can enable this feature in WhatsApp Plus’ privacy settings if you don’t want others to know what you are writing.

Recording status:

You can hide your recording studio status and writing status from others.

Sticker Packs:

This website offers cool and trendy sticker packs. They are updated according to current sticker trends. You can download the sticker maker to create your own stickers for WhatsApp.


This is a rare feature in Whatsapp. Not all Mod versions provide this option. This feature is called the theme option. It allows you to customize your WhatsApp Plus interface. You can upload your own theme to Whatsapp Plus. There are many themes created by users.


Whatsapp Plus lets you share items in a different way than the regular version of WA. You can share videos that last longer than 30 seconds, and it supports up to 7 minute videos. It also allows you to upload 50 MB of video, 100 MB audio, and original quality images.

Fonts and style:

The app offers a wide range of fonts in a variety sizes and shapes. They are sure to please.

You can also enjoy InstaPro APK.

Disadvantages Of Using Whatsapp Plus:

Whatsapp Plus is packed with amazing features. If you’ve ever used it, you might fall in love. It is now a time gone by when it was used without hesitation. You may be wondering what the problem is. You may be wondering what the doubt is. Whatsapp Plus was free and everyone used it without fear. The main disadvantage to using Whatsapp Plus now is the ban.

If you use Whatsapp Plus, your account may be deleted. But, that’s why we use it. You are not allowed to use your primary phone number with Whatsapp Plus. Instead, use a temporary number that does not cause you any problems in the ban. Please refer to the WA+ safe usage guide for more details.

Installation Guide:

For those who don’t know how to do a manual install, this guide will help. You don’t need to know how to install WhatsApp Plus APK files on Android. Follow the guide to install WA PLUS APK.

You have to enable “unknown sources” located in settings>Security.

You can download the latest version from this page. Next, locate the file you downloaded and then click to install FMWhatsapp APK. Once it’s done, you can start using it.


What is WhatsApp Plus?

This is a modified version of WhatsApp, which comes with amazing new features. WhatsApp is one the most popular apps, so its mod version was created following the original.

How do I download WhatsApp Plus?

This WhatsApp modded version of WhatsApp is not available in the Play Store. You will need to visit Whatsapp Plus to download the APK file. This button will instantly download the APK file to your mobile device.

Is WhatsApp Plus APK Download Safe To Install?

It is 100% secure for use and installation on Android smartphones. This is essentially a tweaked version of the original WhatsApp programme. More functionality is included in this update compared to the previous one. Please disregard any installation prompts that may appear. One of the best ways to ensure these types discount codes for exmple YouTube TV channels promo code.

How do I install WhatsApp Plus?

Go to your settings and click on Mobile Phone Security. Enable “Unknown Sources”. Next, download and install the APK file. It is now ready to use.


WhatsApp Plus APK is the best chat app to communicate with friends. You will love its unique features. This mod was created by a third party. However, it is not available on the Google Play store. This mod can be downloaded from this link and you can use it without any tension.

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