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4 Free Property Management Software

A juggling performance can seem like owning rental property. To produce cash flow, collect tenant rent and determine potential late fees, handle with maintenance requests and invoices, and track the financial performance of each rental property, you must advertise a vacant property and lease it quickly.

In addition to all of that, you’ll need to carve out time to consider how to expand and grow your rental property business in the long run. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be overpowering, if all of this sounds overwhelming. All of these typical duties, as well as others, can be automated by property management software, making your life as a real estate investor easier.

What Functions Do Property Management Programs Have?

The finest property management software for small landlords offers an integrated solution for organising rental properties, managing tenants, producing financial reports, and syncing and reconciling bank accounts for investors and property managers.

Along with features like tenant screening, lease preparation, online rent collecting, maintenance request management, and secure document storage, many property management software packages also include these.

The Top 4 Free Property Management Systems

One Stessa

Stessa is a solution for managing rental properties that assists managers and investors in getting the most out of their investments. Smart money management, computerised revenue and cost tracking, and individualised financial reporting can help real estate investors optimise their earnings.

Owners receive individualised advice and tailored alerts to boost sales based on real-time analytics, intuitive tools to automatically categorise income and spending for simple reporting and tax preparation, and online document storage with the highest security available to safeguard your data. To ensure that worthwhile deductions are not missed, smartphone apps for iOS and Android make it simple to keep track of spending while on the road.

With the help of Stessa’s online rent collecting service, you can now make it simple for tenants to pay their bills on time. You may automate important operations like deposits, receipts, and accounting using this tool. Even easier are automated reminders and regular payments.

Stessa’s Cash Management bank accounts currently earn 2.00% APY as an added bonus (compared to the national average interest on checking accounts, which as of July 2022, according to the FDIC, was 0.03%). Users of Stessa Cash Management can earn interest on the balances of their operating, capital expenditure, and automated rent collecting accounts.

As of August 5, 2022, an APY (annual percentage yield) of 2.00% is in effect. No minimum balance or opening deposit is needed. The account’s earnings may be impacted by fees. Stessa is not a bank; it is a provider of financial technologies. The FDIC-member Blue Ridge Bank, N.A. offers banking services. The national rate is the average of all insured depository institutions’ and credit unions’ rates, weighted by the proportion of domestic deposits held by each institution for which the FDIC has statistics. provides a comprehensive range of online leasing and management options, including advertising rental property vacancies, interviewing applicants, electronically signing leases, and collecting rent payments. By centralising tenant data, tracking maintenance requests, and managing expenses, landlords may better manage their tenants.

On, listing a vacant home is quick, simple, and completely free. It is simple to discover a suitable renter for single-family houses, apartments, townhomes, or condos. To reach millions of potential tenants, listings are immediately posted to five of the most well-known rental websites, including and


Landlords may list properties, select renters, and collect rent for free with Cozy’s next-generation free online rental management tools.

Rent payments are made straight to the landlord’s bank account, and late fees to tenants are immediately paid. Tenant applications can be compared side by side. With online receipt storage, online maintenance requests, and expense monitoring, being organised is much simpler.

With a photo gallery, lease conditions, amenities, and pet regulations, personalised listings on Cozy help available properties stand out from the competition. To reach more qualified tenants more quickly, listings are syndicated on and


Landlords may manage rentals automatically with the help of Hunt, an all-in-one tool. With built-in rental applications and tenant screening, listings are published on more than 50 rental listing platforms, including and Zumper.

An all-purpose inbox is provided to landlords to centralise correspondence from potential tenants. Standardized online applications, thorough credit and background checks, job and rental history data, and rental history reports are all included in tenant screening. Landlords can collect rent automatically at no cost, and the money is paid into their account.

Online rental applications, eviction history checks for renters, online rent collection to multiple bank accounts if needed, exporting payment history, advertising, unlimited photographs, and property details are all free landlord services on Hunt. Three new services are soon to be available on Hunt: tenant maintenance requests, automatic late fee billing, and property document submission.

The Best Property Management Software: How to Choose

Each piece of free best real estate investment software has its own special features, which can be divided into three categories:

Leasing and marketing

  • Syndicated advertising of empty real estate on popular rental listing websites.
  • Processing of rental applications online and tenant screening are free of charge to landlords.
  • checks on credit and background, rental history, and evictions are all included in the screening reports.
  • Online lease documentation and electronic signatures.
  • Secure document storage for completed leases and tenant applications.

Property Administration

  • Online owner dashboard where landlords may interact with tenants and keep track of their portfolio’s properties’ performance.
  • A business partner’s and professional service provider’s ability to share documents and financial reports, such as a financial planner, CPA, or real estate lawyer.
  • Multiple user accounts can be created so that different members of the real estate team can access the system remotely.
  • Keep track of tenant requests for maintenance and repairs, along with a repair history and vendor notes.

Reporting and Accounting

  • Real-time online monitoring of income and spending, together with a paper trail for auditing.
  • Rent payments are deposited into the owner’s designated bank account, with the possibility of additional bank accounts.
  • Create an infinite number of financial reports, including income statements and balance sheets, for both individual properties and entire portfolios.
  • Export tax-ready financials to streamline tax preparation and lower CPA or accountant fees.
  • Utilize iOS and Android smartphone apps to upload invoices and track costs while on the road.

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