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Transform your interior into a warm and friendly cocoon by creating a decoration around the color fawn. A safari-style bedroom or a nature-destination living room, find out how to adopt this color.
These nomadic handmade khurjin rugs for sale were originally inspired from the tribal saddle bag. You will often find stripes or geometric looking animals and flowers. These rugs have really simplistic looks and yet are extremely luxurious and beautiful to walk on. You will find these rugs with many different color variations and 100% handspun wool and natural dyes.

A safari-style fawn bedroom

The fawn color evokes the coat of felines, but also the earthy hues of sunny regions. A warm color with wild accents, it comes in several shades ranging from brown to ocher verging on yellow or orange. Fawn lends itself to many decorating styles, including a safari theme. For a room with an exotic atmosphere, adopt the fawn on the partition behind the headboard, and opt for a dark parquet floor. The other walls entirely painted in white will illuminate the room. Complete with accessories (cushions, handmade rugs) with ethnic motifs, original lamps and natural fiber flowerpot baskets, without forgetting the vegetal note.

A dining room around the color fawn

To highlight an intense hue, such as fawn, nothing like a pure white environment. All you have to do is add tawny and terracotta elements, which evoke the beauty of the wild lands. Here is an example of composition to inspire you. Choose a light wood table and matching sideboard, with a natural finish. Complete this furniture with enveloping armchairs in fawn tones. Wooden and white canvas light fixtures will complete the decoration.

An exotic office corner

A comfortable, pleasant and practical space contributes to your productivity. If you work from home, do not hesitate to imagine a small bubble of tranquility where you will have the opportunity to concentrate on your activity. To do this, create an exotic and wild environment, with decoration designed around the color fawn. Apply the latter to the walls to set the tone, then select accessories in shades of beige: a solid wood desk, a vintage chair, wicker storage baskets… These few elements will be enough to compose a work space full of temper.

A natural-style fawn-coloured living room

The fawn color allows you to create an authentic decoration in all rooms of the house. Want to bring some freshness to your living space? Transform your living room into a cocoon of relaxation focused on nature. Compose your layout around the beast, to be used in small notes so that it can best express its potential. Integrate this basic color with the key element of your decor. For the living room, it will be a sofa in fawn fabric, associated with furniture in raw wood or cane. As a final touch, multiply the tall and exuberant plants, to place at the end of the sofa, near the sideboard and near the door. Buy online!

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