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5 best ideas for a beautiful wedding cake in London

Selecting a wedding cake requires planning and a clear vision about what you want and the taste. There are so many different weddings cake bakers in London, it can get overwhelming to choose the right person and the type of cake you want. The wedding cake not just look beautiful but it is often considered a personal way of expressing the happiness and love of the couples getting married. With so many aspects of planning the big day, couples often get overwhelmed about the tiny details like choosing a wedding cake. Keeping that in mind, we have shared some inspirational ideas to help new couples determine what is going to work best for them.

Traditional floral vanilla cake

The pearly white two to three storey cake studded with real roses and orchids remain a favourite among couples for the wedding day. It is a traditional cake with no extra quirks. But it also looks picture perfect and tastes great. If you are getting the cake made by a reputed baker and cake designer, rest assured, that there is no chance they would screw up such a traditional style of wedding cake. With this design, you can calmly go about handling other aspects of organising the wedding like finding lab grown diamonds Hatton Garden. The professional designer would surely take care of the rest.

Dark chocolate cake

Though traditional wedding cakes are usually white, cream or pink in colour. But sometimes couples looking for off-beat options, go for dark chocolate cake. The lush and creamy brown colour is a contrast against the pristine and sober white backdrop of a wedding. But it is also one of the tastiest cakes you can get for the wedding. The best part is dark chocolate cakes look beautiful for the picture when decorated with golden pearls and milk chocolate beads.  Your wedding would be surely Pinterest-ready when you have such a cake on display right at the centre of the venue.

Rainbow cake

These days, rainbow-coloured cakes have become popular because of their vibrance and burst of flavours. Also, these cakes are perfect choice for an LGBTQ marriage, as the colours represent this segment of the society. It is also a very good choice when you are making your wedding a burst of colours and party. The rainbow cake can also come in variety of flavours. Though the creamy layer is in rainbow colours, the inside of the cake can be chocolate, strawberry, vanilla- any flavour you want.

Unicorn cake

Another very popular cake for weddings is the unicorn cake. The cake display colours like lilac, baby pink, sky blue and white in such a combination that remind us of the colours associated with unicorns. Couples who are opting for a fairy-tale themed marriage would find this cake the perfect match for them. Top it off with a mini couple model where the bride and groom are dressed as your favourite Disney characters to complete the look.

From finding the perfect three stone engagement ring to getting the most delicious cake- there are lots of things to do in a wedding. The above-mentioned suggestions are few ideas which are popular and you can definitely try them out without being too experimental.

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