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5 Exciting New Year Travel Destinations- What Makes Them So Famous?

People all around the world are excited to welcome the new year! One can easily say that it is a global festival. We organize a new year’s eve party, get new year gift for family members and friends, sing and dance all night and welcome the new year. Some of us even plan trips around the world. Only to witness the beauty of new year celebrations in different countries around the world.  With multiple cities organizing grand carnivals, fest, concerts and exceptional fireworks- lure thousands of people around new year. 

If you are planning a gateway to witness the beauty of beautiful and famous new year festivals in different parts of the world? We are here with a long list of much hyped and fun new year festivals and spellbinding fireworks around the world. Read on to find out more. 

Light Show At Big Ben In London

London is the place to be during the new year. You not only get to be  a witness to the parades and wonderful fireworks but also to the much hyped light show on the banks of the Thames. The people of London come together to give a warm welcome to the fresh start of the year.  The city streets dazzle with the queen’s vintage carriages and horses. The vibrant and fun carnivals are an indispensable part of the New Year’s celebrations in London. Multiple artists perform live singing and dancing shows on the streets. The Big Ben is the center of the light show in London. Whenever you visit London around the new year, never miss out on the Big Ben’s light show. 

Beach Parties In Goa

Goa is synonymous with extravagant beach parties in India. It is the center of reputed live shows around new year. With LED dancers, fireworks, fewer restrictions, and a mad crowd from all over the world- Goa ranks first amongst all the tourist destination places for the new year’s celebration. People dance the entire night and welcome the new year.  It is cheaper in comparison to any other beach party destination. 

Concerts At Acropolis In Athens

Whenever we think about Acropolis, we get transported to the ruins and the colosseum of Greece. Every country has its own culture and tradition to welcome the new year. In Greece, instead of clubbing and dancing all night, people prefer coming together with their families and dining together. With live concerts and peaceful celebrations at Acropolis- it is one of the most loved New Year’s destinations for people who look forward to celebrating the new year, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. With beautiful lights all around the oldest city of Greece, the Acropolis looks starry and magnificent. The New Year’s celebration in Athens has been a crowd puller for a long time. 

Parties On The Streets Of Amsterdam

Every year on December 31st, the city of Amsterdam transforms into a huge street celebration as people from all over the world pack the pubs, clubs, and restaurants. If you want to go out for a meal, be prepared for huge crowds everywhere and remember to make reservations as long in advance as you can. Otherwise, simply walking from crowd to thong along the street is a perfectly fine way to spend the evening. People eventually go to the streets as the evening crowd the bridges, and sit on park benches. At midnight, a massive fireworks show illuminates the night sky and transforms the Amstel River’s dark water into a pastel-hued painting. They exchange new year gifts with each other to show gratitude and love. 

Mesmerizing Fireworks At Sydney Harbour in Australia

When we talk about the exceptionally extravagant fireworks on new year- the first image that crosses our mind is that of- Sydney Opera House in Australia. The magnificent view and the mesmerizing light parade at the harbor- makes it the most wishlisted travel destination around the new year.  Everyone, from fiery partygoers to families with tiny children, will enjoy the extravaganza that takes over Sydney Harbour. Early in the day, revelers begin packing the restaurants, the sidewalks in front of the opera house. Every square foot of grass around the harbor in anticipation of the big show that night. In Australia, midsummer, the climate is ideal. Go for more gift suggestions here.

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