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7 Instagram Hacks to Increase your engagement and followers

The only thing that matters in real estate (and in life) is the amount of engagement you receive on Instagram. It’s true; people’s engagement with your content might affect the reach and prestige of your real estate enterprise.

Without joking, Instagram’s constantly changing algorithm affects how much people engage with your content. To succeed on Instagram this year, I’ve listed nine engagement tactics I used to build my account to over 300,000 followers.

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1. Switch on Your Location Tags

Many agents are knowledgeable about the importance of geotagging their posts. You want your prospective customers to find you, correct?

Many agents don’t realise that switching up location tags can help them connect with more people and boost engagement. Try tagging different locations, such as small towns, country clubs, businesses, and coffee shops (places your clients or future clients might frequent), as well as cities and states.

Try tagging several locations and see which ones get you the most traffic. You don’t need to be present at a location to tag it as long as it is relevant to your post or caption.

2. Share Your Feed Posts to Your Stories

A visual medium, Instagram stories can be annoying AF for your followers because they want to see something new every time they view a story.

Even though it may seem tempting to cross-post items from the main Instagram feed to stories, there are several good reasons to share feed posts: It gives your audience two opportunities to view the same content. While most people believe they spend more time browsing stories than they do flipping through the feed, I prefer to take advantage of this trend by posting things to their stories.

For example, I enjoy inhaling white claws while floating on the water in a boat, but I won’t see it if it isn’t on your story. I want to see people inhaling white claws on boats! However, some of your followers might not if you don’t post anything on your story.

So, why not double the odds that your followers see your content?

A Story post is a gem because it gives you the content to post to your Story, and the algorithm loves it. In order to remain top of mind and to prove that you’re an obedient Instagram prisoner, you should post to your Story five to eight times per day (an arbitrary number I made up).

When people view and interact with your Story, they are more likely to be shown your content in the feed, resulting in more engagement and favourable feed placement.

You should always post your Reels to your Story as well, because Story views count as Reels views.

3. Go Into DMs

Having direct conversations with people is a superb way to boost engagement on your posts. How? Well, any time you communicate with another user on Instagram, your accounts are notified. The more you DM with someone, the more frequently they’ll appear in your feed, and vice versa. Get Phentermine Online

You don’t want to come off as creepy, but you can simply reply to other people’s posts with a smiley face. Every time you post something, go through your inbox and reply to people. Doing this will help your post rank in their feed and receive more engagement.

4. Add Engagement buttons to Your Stories

You can also use your Story as a call to action in your feed by saying something like, ‘Leave a comment on your favourite toilet’ or ‘Guess how much this house is worth!’ To get more views and interactions on your actual story, use questionnaires, polls, quizzes, stickers, emojis, and GIFs as CTAs (call to actions).

As a result of this, you’ll get more views, interactions, and attention on your Story … which will lead to more engagement on your feed … which will increase your serotonin levels!

These are perfect for agents. You can ask me anything about the real estate market and see what people think. As an industry, we are lucky to be in one that almost everyone finds interesting, and almost no one understands it.

5. Use Your Story to ‘poke’ Your Followers Into Visiting Your Feed

Another approach to ensure people are intrigued to click on the feed image to find out more is to hide the content with a sticker, GIF, emoji, or text.

It’s a simple strategy that bikini models frequently use because it works. Why not employ this method with your best listing photos?

It’ll entice people to spend time on your profile as well as entice them to click on the feed image. The algorithm considers you to have high-quality content if users go from your Story to your feed.

6. Use Engaging Captions

You can also boost engagement by creating beautiful captions. Your captions are another place to boost engagement. If you’re having trouble coming up with interesting captions, ask yourself, ‘What statement or question can I post to boost comments and engagement?’

Here are some examples: Would you rather live in a house without air conditioning or without heat? Which view do you prefer? 1 or 2? Would you prefer to live in a house with no air conditioning or none at all? Scale of 1-10, how important is the back yard to a house?

Would you want to live in a house with no air conditioning or with no heat? Tag someone who needs a bidet in their bathroom!

7. Post Engaging Comments on Your Own Photos

It’s true, and you can comment on your own photo as a secondary caption. Doing so generates more comments and attracts the attention of people who may not read the entire caption but may head straight to the comments. Use tools like instagram fonts generator to write comments in different styles by combining emojis or symbols.

At times, I will give one call to action in the caption and another in the comments. Here is an example from my feed, which received 481 comments. I posted an engaging caption and two comments on my own post, acting like a real savage!

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