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9 Reasons why you should invest in Blue World City today

Investors worry about the project’s profitability when investing in any project. But if you are searching for the best investment opportunity, there is only one best option: Blue World City More importantly, in today’s world, as the real estate market is growing fast, investing in a residential and commercial housing society is the best profitable option of investment. Let us explain why you should invest in Blue World City.

Reasons to invest in Blue World City

Here we are writing a few reasons that will clear your mind from doubts about investing in Blue World City. Let’s start with each reason one by one:

  1. Remarkable History Of Developers

Blue World City is a remarkable project of the Blue Group of Companies, developed in 1989 in Lahore. The company offers modern development and architecture services to the residents of Lahore, and over time it has become a well-renowned company in the real estate market. And with experience of more than 18 years, the company is now a benchmark for the real estate industries in Pakistan.

With a highly organized and trustworthy professional environment, blue world city developers have maintained a strong position in the development business. Now the developers have increased their branches from real estate development marketing to real estate development, commercial printing, and IT support apart from the architectural planning services. 

  1. First Chinese Development

The second reason to invest in Blue World City is that it is being developed with the help of expert engineers and skilled professionals from China. It is the first purpose-built tourist city in the heart of Islamabad and a joint venture of BGCs and a Chinese company. We all know that the Chinese are masters of developing high-tech and state-of-the-art projects worldwide. So, we can say that development of the BWC is outstanding and top-notch.

  1. Blue World City Prime Location

The Blue World City Location is Chakri Road near M-2 Lahore- Islamabad Motorway. It is at the smallest distance from the CPEC route, and its distance from the Islamabad International Airport is a few minutes.

The location of the BWC is also a factor you need to consider because it is also near the Ring Road Rawalpindi. Whenever you think of investing in a project, make sure its location is ideal, or it is in the vicinity of the major link roads so that you can easily reach through them. So, Blue World City is present in an ideal location in twin cities.

  1. Fascinating Attractions

Blue World City is surrounded by the World Class fascinating tourist attractions such as:

  • Oxygen Park
  • Burj-ul-Arab
  • World’s tallest horse mascots
  • Asia’s largest water theme park
  • Replica of the Istanbul Blue Mosque, Turkey

So, if you invest in these societies, it means that you can take advantage and enjoy these landmarks. In addition, you can also get a high return on investment by investing in this housing project.

  1. All Advanced and Basic Facilities

Blue world city facilities are based on modern-day amenities, including world-class amenities and remarkable security features. In addition, the entertainment features in the society distinguish it from the rest of the newly emerging housing schemes. Some distinguishing features of the housing scheme are:

  • Secure Gated Community
  • Wide-set of Carpeted Roads
  • Fool-Proof Security System
  • Wi-Fi and Landline options
  • Green landscape areas
  • Medical and Health Facilities
  • Jamia and sector Mosques
  • World-class Educational institutes
  • Business and Commercial zones
  • Shopping Malls and IMAX Cinema
  • Parks and gardens
  • Football and Golf clubs
  • E-tag System and Public transport
  • Restaurants and Food courts
  1. Easy Possessions And Prices Of Plots

The blue world city Islamabad offers easy prices and installment plans so that even low-income investors can get a high return on the investment. In addition, the housing project is in the soft launch phase, which means that prices are lower, and in the future, they will increase.

So, if you invest in society now, it will provide you with multiple benefits in the future in the coming years. In addition, the society is offering different blocks such as the general block, overseas block, and sports valley block. In all these blocks, plots of various sizes are available so that everyone can get their desired plots according to their budget.

Moreover, the management of the society is offering easy blue world city payment plans and installment plans of 3 to 5 years. After the completion of the installments, the possession of the plots will be handed over to the investors, where they can start the development work.

  1. Speedy Development

The development of the society on the project site continues at a rapid pace. More than 100 pieces of heavy machinery operate 24 hours to deliver the project on time. The construction work on the main boulevard has been done, and the work on the main entrance gate is near completion. In addition, the access to the society from the main Chakri Road is also constructed completely.

The street lights on the road have been installed. In that region, there is no electricity connection. But the blue world city has achieved this milestone. The earthwork on the road is also continuing, and the infrastructure development in the blue world city will commence soon.  

  1. Blue World City NOC

Blue group of companies has received the approved No Objection certificate from the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). Before investing in any residential project, the main point is to check the legal status. And as Blue World City NOC is approved, we can say it is a good reason to invest in this society.

  1. Higher Profit Margins

The last but not the least reason to invest in Blue World City is its high-profit margins. The experts at Sapphire Properties say that investment in housing will generate higher profit margins. The investment will generate high returns in times of economic crisis.


A blue world city is the best for the developers, general public, and investors seeking housing projects to invest in. it should be the investors’ priority. After that, if they need any other society to invest in, they can look into Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi. So, don’t wait; get your desired plot with easy installment plans.

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