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A Complete Guide About Helicopter Lessons in Manchester

If you are or will be training to be a helicopter pilot, you probably know that getting as much advanced training as possible while you are in flight school is important. Even if you know you need these helicopter lessons in Manchester, you might not know exactly what advanced flight training for helicopter pilots is and how to get it.

Many students find where they can get advanced flight training, what types of training are available, how long it will take to finish, and how much it will cost. All of these are good questions, and you will find answers to all of them below, along with some you might not have thought of yet.

Types of Advanced Helicopter Training 

Turbine Transition Training:

Turbine engines and piston engines are the two main types of helicopter engines. The R44 and most other training helicopters have piston engines. This means that all helicopter pilots will learn how to start and run a piston engine without having to think about it. But piston engines might not be the only type of engine you encounter as a pilot. In fact, you will almost need to fly a big helicopter with a turbine engine, at some point, like a Bell. This means you will have to learn how to start and run a turbine engine.

Night Vision Google Training:

Night vision goggle training (NVG training) is learning to fly a helicopter at night while wearing night vision goggles that are attached to a helmet. It is much harder to fly a helicopter at night than it is during the day. At night, a pilot can’t see much outside the cockpit and could fly too close to a building, mountain, or other danger. When a pilot puts on night-vision goggles, they can see better in the dark and take the helicopter safely where it needs to go.

External Load Training:

During external load helicopter flying lessons in Blackpool training, a pilot learns how to fly a helicopter. Depending on where you train and what you learn, this could also be called “long-line training.” There are a lot of different kinds of external loads that a helicopter pilot may need to carry in different fields. Some of these external loads are building materials, water buckets, vehicles, telephone poles, and people.

High-Density Altitude Training:

High-density altitude training teaches a pilot how to fly a helicopter correctly at a high altitude. The harder it is to fly a helicopter, the higher you are in the air. In high-density altitude helicopter lessons in Manchester, helicopters just move and act differently. It takes practice to fly a helicopter at a high altitude in a smooth and safe way.

Mountain Operation Training:

Training for mountain operations is just what it sounds like. It means learning how to fly a helicopter through canyons and mountain ranges in a correct and safe way. Depending on your experience and the weather, it can be very hard to helicopter rides in Blackpool through a mountain. 

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Mountains change quickly, going from very high altitudes to lower altitudes and from flat valleys to dangerous outcroppings and towering spires.  So, learning safe mountain ways and how to fly a helicopter due to this changing terrain is important.

What is The Cost of Advanced Helicopter Training

Most people who are learning to fly want to get their licence for as little money as possible. Even though you might be able to find really cheap flight programmes, you should know that they probably won’t give you the advanced training you may require, give you very many flight hours, or fully prepare you for life as a helicopter pilot. When looking into flight schools, you should find one with a good balance of price and quality.

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