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Acumen EHR vs AdvancedMD EHR: Which Solution is Better For Nephrology Practices? 

Dealing with conditions that affect the kidney is more complex than it looks. The renal issues are increasing more and more. Now more patients are suffering from chronic kidney diseases. In this dilemma where nephrologists are faced with the increased patient influx, having an EHR solution by the side is the best resort for all. It is the only way a practitioner can deal with the delicacies of patient cases with utter transparency and enhanced visualization.  

A nephrology-specific EHR solution is equipped with modern-day functionalities and many integrated capabilities. It drives nephrologists to success and is the driving force behind high-performing nephrologists as it boosts their efficiency level. The two best solutions in this race are Acmen and AdvancedMD. But there’s a considerable difference between the two, and their way of dealing with things is also quite distinctive.  

Here’s a detailed Acumen EHR vs AdvancedMD comparison to give you a clear understanding of how these platforms differ  

Acumen EHR and AdvanceMD EHR: Exploring The Basics 

To begin with, the prime element of concern in this Acumen vs AdvancedMD comparison is where the central focus of the EHR software lies. 

Acumen is primarily a nephrology-specific solution built on a nephrology interface. It aids nephrologists in every possible way, from shaping the patient experience to improving the revenue cycle. Acumen features a plethora of nephrology-specific solutions like dialysis rounding, CKD management, and more. It focuses on analyzing patient symptoms and supporting decision-making, so patients get the best possible care.  

As for AdvancedMD, it is a multi-specialty solution that even backs nephrology practices. This comprehensive solution serves as an all-inclusive package with integrated EHR, RCM, and PM services. It leaves no room for misinterpretation with advanced analytical tools and seamless communication flow. However, it lacks built-in nephrology services and relies on API integrations to facilitate dialysis centers. Pulling in information in this secured telemedicine solution is a hassle-free task.  

Highlighting The Differences 

Now we will highlight the worth exploring differences in this Acumen vs AdvancedMD analysis. Deciding between Acumen vs AdvancedMD will be way easier for you this way.  

Features Analysis: 

Acumen Features: 

Aumen features integration with Epic Care software to stay at the top of its game. This way, it adds value to its feature range by expanding it across the continuum of care. What’s more, Acumen features data-driven services to simplify clinical management. The quality features offered by Acumen are: 

CKD Management 

Dialysis rounding 

Population health management 

MyChart portal 

Claim tracking 


Mobile charge capture 

ICD and CPT medical codes 

Eligibility Checks 

Revenue cycle management 

AdvancedMD Features: 

The features offered by AdvancedMD are highly configurable. AdvancedMD features to-the-point care services to up the level of multi-specialty practices. Of all its features, the managed billing service is a pro. Other quality patient and client-centered features AdvancedMD EHR offers to ensure VBC are: 

Credit card processing 

Advanced Reporting 

Patent engagement 

Reputation management 

A/R control center 

Patient room tracking 

Appointment scheduling 

Mobile applications 

Population health 

Automated reminders 

Medical coding 


Task donuts  

The obvious is that AdvancedMD offers a more diverse feature range paired with Nephrology-specific integrations. Whereas Acumen stood firm by featuring built-in medical services.  

The Integrations: 

Acumen’s Integration With EpicCare: 

At first glance, you may think that Acumen is incompatible. But looking at its integration with EpicCare, you will realize how great of a solution it is. The reviews of Acumen also support this fact. Integrating with the multi-specialty solution, the vendor gives practices room to scale. The users can go for the EMR features offered by EpicCare whenever they need. This integration enhances the efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity of healthcare practices.  

The Acumen Epic Connect module is a high-powered solution combining the joint forces of two feature-rich solutions. Reviews illustrate that Acumen harnesses the power of Epic EHR. In addition, Acumen adds value to its features for effortlessly dealing with critical care, leveraging value-based care techniques. Nephrologists can use this integration to their luck as the uniquely suited Acumen Epic Connect module helps optimize clinical workflow. 

AdvancedMD Integrations: 

As AdvancedMD is a multi-specialty tool, it offers comprehensive features that meet the needs of all. For enhanced services, AdvancedMD supports secured third-party integrations. These help with the information flow between various solutions for better data management. Reviews show that AdvancedMD works as a partner marketplace supporting tons of software integrations. It integrates with one-in-a-kind technological solutions ensuring smooth data transfer and coordinated care across the verticals.  

Acumen wins this round with seamless integration with an industry0leading solution like Epic Care.  

The Pricing: 

Acumen Pricing 

Acumen has not shared its pricing details. Clinicians can request the exact pricing details by reaching out to the vendor. From the reviews point of view, Acumen is not a heavily priced solution. This means that the pricing bundles of Acumen are not heavy on the pockets and that even small practices can afford it. 

AdvancedMD Pricing: 

AdvancedMD is praised for its unique pricing structure. It supports encounter and monthly-based subscription options. That’s not all. AdvancedMD offers two fixed pricing plans and one RCM service plan that charges a percentage of monthly collection. The details of the pricing bundles of AdvancedMD are as follows: 

Practice Management 

EHR with Practice Management 

RCM as a service 

The physicians are even at par to create a-la-carte pricing bundles for getting the most out of AdvancedMD EHR. The configured bundles are backed by an up to 30% discount on both encounter and monthly subscriptions. However, the reviews state that AdvancedMD is not the most cost-effective solution.  

AdvancedMD is a better option for clients who opt for encounter-based plans. Otherwise, it is an expensive solution that’s out of the budget range of small practices.  

Acumen OR AdvancedMD EHR? 

From what we learned from this Acumen vs AdvancedMD comparison, Acumen is a much better option. AdvancedMD suits practice just because it excels at providing encounter-based plans. However, from the general and features perspectives, Acumen is a more impactful and impressive option for all care professionals.  

For more clarity, you should go with the demo of Acumen and AdvancedMD. Setting a demo with AdvancedMD or Acumen means closely exploring their feature range. AdvancedMD offers a customized demo for specialty-specific practices, so you will get to examine your desired services.  

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