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All the reasons to do swimming: it’s a complete sport

In addition to physical conditioning and cardiorespiratory strengthening. Swimming relieves stress, helps with weight loss and promotes physical and mental health with Lifeguard training near me.

Considered one of the most complete physical activities there is, swimming is suitable for all people, regardless of age. In addition to excellent aerobic exercise, swimming helps in cardiorespiratory strengthening, physical conditioning and sleep quality . Not to mention, it’s a great activity to relieve stress. Provide more mood for everyday tasks, and help with weight loss.

A swimmer since childhood, Dr. Bruno Biserial, a medical scientist in human immunology at Fiacres . Highlights that swimming is a complete sport and there are countless gains, including for mental health . “The regular practice of aerobic physical activities, such as swimming. Releases endorphins, which are associated with feelings of pleasure and satisfaction. Improving disposition and mood, and helping to improve mental health”. He usually swims 2-3 times a week, and first thing in the morning. “This way, I guarantee willingness to face the day with better mood and energy”, highlights the doctor.

With the benefits, in addition to the substantial gain in cardiovascular conditioning, the doctor highlights the gain in muscle mass. “All this with low impact on the joints and spine, if performed correctly”, he reinforces.

Full sport

Specialist in swimming and aquatic activities, physical educator and swimming teacher Leila Maria dos Santos reinforces that swimming. The only physical activity that uses the whole body at the same time, so it is considered a complete sport. “As the activity gives a lot of physical conditioning and increases lung expansion. It improves the cardiorespiratory condition for the practice of the sport. It’s a complete muscle activation.”

Indication and rehabilitation

Swimming is super indicated not only as aerobic physical activity. But to help those who are in rehabilitation, as it improves muscle tone. “In addition to aquatic exercises being therapeutic. Swimming has no impact. which greatly facilitates the rehabilitation treatment”, guides the physical educator.

In addition, swimming is suitable for those who have:

• Respiratory problems (rhinitis, sinusitis, bronchitis, asthma)

• Bone problems ( osteoporosis and rheumatism)

• Joint and muscle pain

Those who have back problems should also do it. By having no impact, swimming strengthens the spine region , allowing the practice of other sports. “But it is necessary to have the correct guidance of a specialized teacher”, guides Leila Maria.

Great for kids

The teacher highlights that swimming also contributes effectively to child development. Since the first years of life are crucial for greater cognitive and sociability development. “And all this is possible through the stimuli given by swimming, with the execution of movements”. Get Valium Online

She highlights the main benefits of swimming for the child:

• Refines motor coordination, posture, balance and the various physical variants

• Helps to develop strong muscles and bones

• Promotes flexibility and motor coordination

In addition, swimming promotes adaptation to water sport, allowing parents to feel safer when attending pool and beach environments. “Even children who swim are not exempt from accidents in the aquatic environment. So it is essential that they always have the supervision of a responsible person. Safety always comes first.”

Important in old age

The toys of barbie physical educator warns that swimming is indicated for the elderly for a number of reasons, but mainly. Because, at this stage, sarcopenia appears, which is the loss of lean mass due to the aging process. Which often causes loss of quality of life. “Because it is low-impact and relaxing, swimming provides the elderly with the maintenance of lean mass. With a low risk of injury, in addition to enabling greater socialization and prevention of cardiorespiratory problems, among other benefits”.

For those who want to start

The teacher’s main tip is to always look for a place. That is specific to the sport, with specialized professionals, who can achieve their goal. Be it for rehabilitation, health promotion, quality of life or high performance.

Going through a medical evaluation is also recommended. So that the practice of the activity can develop in a more specific and safe way. According to the teacher, the ideal is to practice 2 to 5 times a week. And also vary the intensity of the exercises.

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