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androidrat software (download free androrat program with direct link)

androidrat software (download free androrat program with direct link)

androidrat software (download free androrat program with direct link), If you have followed our previous content, in an article entitled hacking Android, we listed a number of software for hacking Android phones. One of these programs was the androidrat software, which is more popular than other hacking and penetration software. This program is able to be installed on the victim’s mobile phone by making an Android root and performing a number of additional operations and steals its information. In the following, from the article of the Spy24 site, we have provided a summary of how to work with this program and download the free androrat program with a direct link for those interested in security issues.

What is android rat or androidrat?

RAT  is  actually  a type of  Trojan  that stands for  Remote Access Trojan  and steals user information under the guise of another program. Roots often take advantage of the lack of knowledge of their users and are installed on the user’s phone under the guise of a useful program or a game. Then, using the backdoor ( Backdoor ) which is included in the program’s programming text by the Android root manufacturer, it sends the information of the victim’s phone to the hacker.
androidrat is very dangerous and can open the way for other malicious programs to access your phone. A hacker can have admin access to the phone through Android root, and this makes him able to use these programs to install other programs such as keyloggers on your mobile phone and use it. steal all your important information.

Using Android, you can perform penetration testing on Android smartphones. Of course, I would like to mention a very important point that the free version of this tool is a malicious file and it is better not to test it on the main system at all and test it on the virtualizer and run it.

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