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Jewelry has been an essential aspect of human culture and traditions. Specifically, gemstone jewelry has been an integral part due to its spiritual significance. Each gemstone is considered a source of hope and positive energy to solve the difficulties of life caused by the unfavorable conditions of the planets. The benefits of wearing gemstone jewelry are associated with an uplifting soul in a spiritual context. Gemstones are one of the most beautiful and exotic stones with an elegant appearance. They are considered invaluable gifts of nature by mother earth. These stones are richly endowed with natural healing and nurturing powers which also play a role in self-empowerment. Various kinds of gemstones are readily available in the market, each with its price based on color, size, shape, and weight. For instance, the Pukhraj stone 5 Ratti price varies from the 2.5 Ratti one. 

The yellow sapphire stone, popularly known as Pukhraj or Jupiter Stone, is considered the most auspicious and beneficial stone out of all the Navratnas prescribed in the Hindu scriptures, which claims an exceptional place in the world of astrology. Jupiter is considered the heaviest planet in the solar system, which is the main reason for imparting distinctive powers to this stone. Not every individual can wear this gemstone due to its heavy influence. So, individuals who astrologers advise can only wear this stone. The stone also acts as the bearer of positivity and protects from the negative and evil eye.

Besides, there are many other benefits of wearing a Pukhraj gemstone, and some of them are as follows: – 

Invites Success

Wearing this stone helps in meeting a success. It brings clarity of thought, supports effective decision-making, and brings success and prosperity to businesses. Knowledge and power are considered synonyms of Pukhraj. Also, for people who are into writing, trading, business, and legal matters, Pukhraj proves to be advantageous.


Individuals suffering from stomach and kidney problems receive relief after wearing the Pukhraj stone. Also, diseases related to the gall bladder, liver, and spleen can be prevented if the individual wears this gemstone. In addition to this, it also has a positive effect on the immune system.

Calms Mind

The gemstone calms the individual by reducing anger and bringing about mental peace. It helps to release tension and stress and can be used during meditation to increase concentration. It also helps build a deep connection with the higher self and find fulfillment.

Enhances Positivity

The primary aspect of wearing gemstones is that they protect from the evil influence and negativity from unknown sources. It also helps in taking off the evil eye and helps to maintain positivity. It also enhances concentration and helps in achieving goals.


Wearing Pukhraj helps build a divine connection with higher-self and enhances self–confidence and belief in oneself. It also helps maintain a positive environment around the individual, allowing him to spread positivity.

Thus, individuals advised to wear Pukhraj should wear them without delay to have a positive. The price of the stone varies per the Ratti; for instance, the Pukhraj stone, 7 Ratti price may be more than that of 5 Ratti and 2.5 Ratti stone, so one should be conscious while choosing the correct ratti of the stone while purchasing.

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