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Best 5 Reasons to be an Architect 

It is not simple to decide whether to study architecture. Young kids frequently believe that they must be exceptionally gifted at sketching or have great academic scores merely to even apply to architectural programmes. Many students are daunted by the daunting tasks that await them once they arrive. Despite these hindrances, still, there are plenty of heartwarming reasons to develop a passion for the field and become an architect. 

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Top 5 Reasons to be an Architect

It’s a way of living a creative life, not a job
A building design is undoubtedly a gratifying creative endeavour in and of itself, but you are shoppingstops—indeed, encouraged—to develop a personal aesthetic that extends beyond your professional life. Being an architect may undoubtedly serve as a gateway to a desire to live creatively: to wear what you like, don unorthodox eyeglasses, and simply express yourself via your lifestyle.

The results of their effort are visible
The ability to leave behind a lifetime’s worth of work to serve as a lasting reminder of your efforts is arguably the greatest benefit of being an architect. The buildings you construct will ultimately serve as a representation of you, allowing you to live a life far greater and longer than your own mortality permits. Some localities even encourage architects to sign their structures with plaques or inscriptions to resemble artists.

Architects get lots of respect
There is a preconception among those who don’t truly understand what they do. Architects are moral and responsible people who will try to make the correct choice at their expense of themselves. Due to its beginnings as the “mother of the arts” and subsequent growth into a powerful profession, architecture has attained almost universal acclaim as a noble endeavour.

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Architects are experts in everything
The tremendous amount of ongoing learning and research required by architects makes the field fascinating to study and continues well into one’s professional career. As an architect, there is no such thing as having too much knowledge. Every new project offers a chance to investigate emerging technologies, organizational philosophies, or building techniques.

Architects can handle a lot of stress
In architectural schools, mental health problems are common for a variety of unclear causes. However, stress-related factors will always exist, regardless of the circumstance, profession, or discipline. An architect goes through a really in-depth journey of self-reflection, self-awareness, and figuring out how they can succeed on their own terms when they attend architecture school.

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