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What Are The Best BBQ Restaurants in Lahore?

Every other restaurant serves the best BBQ in Lahore. Whether you are residing in Lahore or are a tourist, there are two things that you will encounter; the historical values of the city and appetizing desi food. Foodies consider Lahore to be a land full of succulent and savoury desi food items. However, the BBQ in Lahore is second to none. Even people visiting Lahore always fulfil their desi food cravings with the tangy BBQ of this city. Whether children or adults, BBQ is loved by all age groups. For any desi food lover, BBQ is available at numerous restaurants but choosing one can be your ultimate go-to spot always. We have taken all your hassle of searching for BBQ restaurants in Lahore. This article comprises the restaurants that offer amazing BBQs in Lahore. So, read along to find the perfect spot.

Al-Khan Restaurant

Al-Khan restaurant is a renowned place for its savoury desi food and best BBQ in Lahore. The restaurant provides a beautifully decorated interior which provides perfect surroundings to enjoy their tasty BBQ. The restaurant hires only expert chefs to deliver the desired taste. With fresh meat and good quality ingredients, this restaurant has enhanced the quality of its taste always. It has plenty of options available on its BBQ menu offered at low prices. So, do try out BBQ from Al-Khan restaurant because it is worth it. It provides a memorable dining experience with the constant best-tasting BBQ and desi food.

Grill N’ Bake

Grill N’ Bake makes no comprise when it comes to the taste of its BBQ. Although the restaurant is a bit expensive, it is worth the money. Even with its high prices, people are always rushing into the restaurant to delight in their delectable BBQ dishes. They add intense flavours to their BBQ that has a taste beyond expectations. Grill N’ Bake provides perfectly cooked Kasturi boti and mutton chops which taste amazing. With an enchanting presentation, the food quantity is sufficient to beat your hunger. The chefs provide finger-licking good food with an excellent ambience. The restaurant is situated at DHA to offer fresh, tasty BBQ. 

Baking Virsa

Baking Virsa is considered the yummiest BBQ point in Lahore. It is a roadside place that provides a seating arrangement on the roadside while a small family hall. Although the restaurant does not has a good ambiance, it provides the tastiest and most finely cooked BBQ dishes. Galawati kebab is the specialty of this restaurant. With tender, juicy meat, they also provide tasty chutneys to complement the BBQ which adds a unique flavour and further boost the flavour of the food. Baking Virsa is located at Gawalmandi and serves delicious BBQ dishes from 6 pm to 3 am. 

Ashraf Tikka

Ashraf Tikka is yet another budget-friendly restaurant in Lahore. The restaurant is not much spacious, but the people are always bustling in to enjoy their delicious BBQ. The restaurant uses charcoal to cook every desi food item. To fulfil your BBQ cravings anytime, this restaurant is a good choice with affordable prices and the best food quality. The waiters are quick with their services and deliver the best food. This appetizing restaurant is located at the main market in Lahore and is one of the oldest BBQ restaurants. It opens at different times of the day to satisfy your taste buds with its brilliant taste.

Pyara Chargha

To enjoy succulent BBQ dishes at an economical price, you can visit Pyara Chargha at Mazang Chungi. The restaurant’s menu contains several options for savoury desi food. It does not own a beautiful ambience but if you want overwhelming BBQ food then it can be your spot to satisfy your taste buds. For BBQ lovers, the restaurants offer Bihari kebab boti, Gola kebab, chicken boti, and chicken cheese boti made with perfection on coal. The restaurant offers a charge which is its specialty. With a captivating aroma of BBQ, Pyara Chargha is an amazing spot for late-night cravings for desi food.

Baba Jamal Tikka House

Baba Jamal tikka house provides the true authentic BBQ taste of Lahore. The air around this restaurant is filled with charcoal smoke with attracts you to try its BBQ. It is always crowded with people on weekdays and weekends that you must wait till you finally get your hands on their delectable BBQ dishes. It is located on Tufail road Lahore open from 5 pm till late midnight. 


These were some of the restaurants that you can try out for BBQ. To enjoy the delicious taste without wasting your money is crucial. With just the right blend of spices, marination, and cooked to perfection, Al-Khan restaurant is the best BBQ in Lahore and a perfect spot for friends and families. 

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