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Visiting a Breast Specialist Doctor in Delhi

If you are experiencing breast pain, you may want to visit a breast specialist doctor in Delhi for more detailed diagnosis. These doctors are specialized in breast care and will be able to tell you if your breast pain is cyclical or non-cyclical, which is determined by the menstrual cycle. Your doctor will want to know your medical history and examine your breast tissue for any changes that may cause pain.


If you are a woman who has a lump in her breast, you might be looking for a Best breast specialist doctor in Delhi. This city is one of the best in India in terms of breast cancer treatment and is equipped with advanced infrastructure. But breast cancer is a complex disease, and treatment options vary from person to person. Even two patients with the same age and lump may require drastically different treatments. Fortunately, new drugs, genetic tests, and personalized therapy have helped to significantly improve treatment options.

When it comes to cancer treatment, early detection is crucial. Fortunately, the recent emphasis on health education and better public cancer treatment facilities in India has improved the quality of care for women with breast cancer. But before you schedule your first consultation, make sure to learn as much as you can about breast cancer diagnosis and treatment options. Listed below are the basics of breast cancer diagnosis. Once you know what your symptoms are, it is time to find a breast specialist doctor in Delhi.

Breast Specialist Doctor in Delhi

If you’re looking for a breast cancer specialist in Delhi, you’ve come to the right place. Dr. Sumita Singh is one of the top doctors in India with 31 years of experience. She specializes in breast surgery and has been a pioneer in early detection of breast cancer. She has performed over three thousand breast surgeries, including breast conservation and reconstruction after breast cancer treatment. She works with both male and female patients.

If you’re experiencing pain in the breasts, the first step is to see a breast pain specialist. Your doctor will evaluate your medical history and determine the source of the pain. Some types of breast pain are related to the menstrual cycle, while others are related to anatomical changes. Non-cyclical breast pain is usually sharp and burning, and can be localized to one breast. Most women in their 30s and 40s experience this type of pain.

Breast Specialist

Visiting a Breast specialist doctor in Delhi is vital if you are suffering from the symptoms of breast cancer. The doctor will first perform a physical examination. He will recommend mammograms, which help identify cysts in breast tissue, as well as a needle biopsy to rule out breast cancer. The doctor can also prescribe calcium supplements if the pain persists for more than 24 hours. Some women also require oral contraceptives or estrogen blockers. Depending on the test results, the doctor may prescribe hormonal therapy, or hormonal pills.

Dr Dodul Mondal is one of the leading breast specialists in India. She has 25 years of experience in breast surgery. He is an expert in early diagnosis of breast cancer, and has performed more than 3000 surgeries. His experience covers a wide variety of surgeries involving both conservation surgery and reconstruction after breast cancer treatment. Dr. Dodul Mondal treats both male and female patients. You can feel comfortable knowing that she has extensive experience in treating breast cancer.

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