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Best Online Art Gallery in India to Buy Handmade Paintings

What’s a Handmade painting? 

A Handmade painting is created by applying paint, pigment, or color to a solid surface, resembling wills, paper, cloth, silk, ceramic, wood, glass, pottery, metal, or a wall. one can simply be confused between handmade painting and print art. therefore before you get handmade paintings online here are some things you must confine mind. 

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Handmade Painting v/s print art 

With improved technology and techniques it’s extremely troublesome to differentiate between handmade painting and print art. therefore before you walk bent get Handmade paintings here are some fast tips you’ll follow.

  • Uniqueness: handmade paintings are one of a sort because the painter puts hours of effort to place his thought and imagination on paper. Whereas print art is the production of specific art and is sometimes quite low-cost in price.
  • Texture: original handmade paintings are unsmooth and done on a rough medium one can clearly see the rough edges of brush strokes and also the texture of the paper whereas print art is usually done on a swish medium with smooth finishing.
  • Authenticity: in an inspired Handmade painting one will see pencil strokes beneath clear daylight whereas in print art one may realize listing or copyright logos under sunlight.
  • Shine: handmade paintings use bright colors that have a shine of their own. Whereas print art is sometimes further shiny with a smooth layer of colors.
  • Price: original painting usually touches on the expensive facet because the creator spends hours making one masterpiece whereas print art is cheap and affordable as they’re created in mass.
Elephant Ride Handmade Painting, Indian Traditional Painting

Why should you get an inspired Handmade painting?

  • Supports artists directly: shopping for handmade paintings evokes
  • native ANd rising painters to make additional artwork.
  • Sense of touch: The surface of a print can ne’er match the variations within the texture of a painting.  There’s one thing regarding original paintings, whether or not they’re on canvas, paper, or another medium, that produces them uniquely.
  • One amongst a kind: every painting is handmade in person by swinging personal emotions into it that are exclusive and irreplaceable.
  • Investment: wherever a number of handmade paintings will be well-tried as an investment in semipermanent print art lose their worth with time.

A way to look out for Handmade paintings?

Handmade wall paintings are a number of the foremost delicate items of art that need extreme care. you will realize the subsequent tips are helpful: whereas choosing a spot within the house wherever your painting gets the most attention is important, avoid swinging it beneath direct daylight or in places where it should get damp. make sure that the hooks on that the bag hangs are sturdy therefore it doesn’t fall off if you come across it accidentally. once necessary, clean the painting with a soft-bristled brush. Microfiber cloths are an option. don’t use liquid cleanup agents on the painting.

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Sure is important, confirm it isn’t decorated directly within the sun or in places wherever it will get damp. make sure that the hooks it hangs on are sturdy in order that it doesn’t fall off if you mistakenly come across it. Use a soft-bristled brush to scrub the painting only if necessary. Microfiber cloths are also an option. Avoid cleaning the painting with any liquid agents.

Next time you get Handmade paintings you recognize you’re owning a valuable asset. one thing that defines you and your taste. lookout of it sort of a family and it’ll assist you to keep that smile intact. 

we have a tendency to sincerely hope that you simply have found this diary to be beneficial. If you’re seeking original Handmade paintings, is the place to go. you’ll browse and buy from a massive choice of original works by a number of our greatest artists.

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