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Best trading platform 2022

In the covid era when the stock market in India is seeing a boom in terms of the amount of users who are opening their demat accounts. In 2021 retail investors saw a growth of 25% Most of them are millennials and gen z. who are starting their journeys in the stock market. They are eyeing futures and options as a second income, but they have to understand the risk of losing money in future and options. That’s where the best best option trading app in india 2022 MaketWolf comes in.

Marketwolf, launched by tastytrade in 2017, was created by the identical people that created and developed TD Ameritrade’s excellent thinkorswim® application. The founders were inspired to make a platform allowing self-directed retail traders to have access to markets and sophisticated analysis tools. Marketwolf is meant more for active investors/traders and only offers stocks, ETFs, options, and cryptocurrency trading. 

Marketwolf has very competitive fees for trading options. While they charge $1.00 per contract to open each leg of an options trade, they cap fees at $10 per leg for any option trade, no matter trade size. A $0.10 per contract for clearing fee is additionally charged. Unlike most brokers, marketwolf doesn’t charge commission for closing positions. This leads to marketwolf having very competitive fees for options trading, as many brokers charge on both the open and shutting option, and don’t put a cap on fees at all. 

For example, opening and shutting a 50 lot vertical call spread (total of 200 contracts traded to open and close the position) would cost just $40 at marketwolf—the maximum of $10 per leg for the two legs ($20), plus the $0.10 clearing fee for 200 contracts ($20). the identical trade at E*TRADE, for instance , would cost $100 using their $0.50 fee per contract for higher volume/frequency traders. the identical vertical spread trade for 100 contracts would result in fees of $60 at marketwolf ($20 for the two legs and $40 in clearing fees) and $200 at E*TRADE. Marketwolf is competitive on price for all options traders, but it gets more competitive for high-volume, high-frequency traders.

Along with these low commissions, marketwolf doesn’t skimp on options analytics, platform workflow, or trade input. Marketwolf’ strong options analytics includes the Greeks for specific multi-leg strategies, profitability graphs for options positions, and a simple order entry that automatically sets up the trade structure when specific options strategies, like a vertical spread or butterfly, are chosen using an intuitive sink menu. From there, it’s easy to change the expiration dates and strike prices for a chosen options strategy. The platform also provides probabilities for the potential profitability of varied options strategies. 

Marketwolf’ desktop and mobile platforms are designed to closely resemble the design and feel of each other for consistency, although some things need to be tweaked to account for the smaller screen size of the mobile app. While marketwolf provides real time streaming quotes, it doesn’t provide fundamental research or live streaming news. Marketwolf does offer a Follow Traders feature, which allows users to follow the trades of their in-house celebrities. Tasyworks’ customer service is well regarded by customers for having prompt and capable support, with Trustpilot showing a 4.4/excellent rating from quite 100 reviewers.

Easy of learning futures and options with MarketWolf

Marketwolf helps you understand the risks and rewards of future and option. It is one of the best app for option trading. Its unique interface helps you to understand future and options trading better and in a simpler way. also, have a feature where you can simulate the real life fno trading in the platform. Today there a lot of apps for options trading out there. But MarketWolf is the best options trading practice apps.

What is marketwolf

The bulls want the market to go up, the bear wants the market to go down, but we wolfs we just don’t care. We make money in every condition whether it’s red or green. Just like a wolf’s life MarketWolf also has three steps. First you’re a cub. Where you are inexperienced you have an option where you can simulate the real life conditions of fno in the platform. Gained a little experience? Be an alpha, open your free trading account on market wolf And start trading in real life. Gained experience lead your pack refer your friends and earn together

Benefits of using MarketWolf

Market wolf also offers zero maintenance account opening charges and no hidden charges as well. You can start investing in a nifty bank from as small as a sum of 500. You only have to pay the brokerage on the profits you gain from trading market wolf super easy to use and trade. Take advantage of fast trading app with fast withdrawal with 24×7 customer support available to ensure complete safety of your capital. Use advanced indicators and other tools to help you in the trade. Follow the trend and only buy quality stock from a curated list for high-performing liquid stock to stay away from the junk.

So Marketwolf is the perfect platform for new and professional traders to earn and learn.

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