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Book hotels in Las Vegas, NV on the strip!


It’s a good night to be in Las Vegas. The city has been going through a major makeover, with lots of new hotels and attractions opening up lately! We’re so excited to share our favorites with you:

The Strip

  • The Strip is the main attraction in Las Vegas, and it’s where all of the casinos are.
  • You can find a lot of hotels on this strip. There are many resorts and hotels that offer accommodations for people who want to stay on The Strip or nearby, including:
  • MGM Grand – This luxury resort has been around since 1993 and has been voted as one of America’s Top 10 Hotels by Condé Nast Traveler readers’ poll every year since 2011! It has 627 rooms with views over Lake Las Vegas & surrounding mountainsides, making it one of our favorite places to stay while visiting Las Vegas!
  • Luxor Hotel & Casino – Located just two blocks off “The Strip” at Tropicana Avenue & Koval Lane (just north), this hotel offers guests access to some amazing amenities including outdoor pools & spa treatments that make you feel like royalty when you step inside their elegant lobby area!

Fremont Street

Fremont Street is a 4-block area in downtown Las Vegas. It was the original “toys doll house” for Las Vegas, but it’s now surrounded by hotels on all sides. The street never closes, and there are always live entertainment and events happening here throughout the year.

Boulder Highway

Boulder Highway is a short walk from the hotel and has several good restaurants, bars, and shops. The pedestrian mall at the end of Boulder Highway has lots of restaurants and shops to choose from. If you like to eat out then this area will be your best bet as it has plenty of options within walking distance.

One thing I really love about Boulder Highway is that there are so many different kinds of food available here! You can find anything from Mexican food to Japanese food right down the street from each other so you won’t have any trouble finding something new every time that you come back here again (which happens quite often).

Downtown Las Vegas

Downtown Las Vegas is the original Las Vegas. It’s full of history, great shops and restaurants, and it’s just a short walk from the Strip.

The Fremont Street Experience is a must-see for anyone visiting downtown Las Vegas. The street is lined with neon signs that show off different casinos’ logos during special events like New Year’s Eve or Mardi Gras parades in February or March (you can even see them on TV). If you have time before or after your show tickets purchase at one of these casinos—or even while waiting in line—you should definitely check out this experience!

In addition to its attraction value, downtown offers an array of exciting things to do: Mob Museum (where you can learn all about how organized crime shaped America during Prohibition), Art Deco District (with restored hotels built between 1930-1940), Neon Museum (where old signs are displayed), Hoover Dam Tours…the list goes on! There are many more attractions in this area too: Wild West Showcase; Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area; Aria Resort & Casino

Check out our hotel listings and find the best place to stay in Las Vegas!

Check out our hotel listings and find the best place to stay in hotels in las vegas, NV!

If you’re looking for a nice spot to stay, we have a wide range of options. Want to check out one of our hotels? Just click on one below:


We hope this guide has helped you decide on the perfect place to stay in hotels in las vegas, NV. We want you to have a great time, and we want to make sure that all our listings are up to date, so if there’s anything else you’d like clarified or would like more information on anything mentioned above please let us know!

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