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Bunnings selling expensive homewares item for just.

A video of one of the kits in operation was uploaded by the hardware store to their well-known TikTok account. The video rapidly went viral, with over 53,600 views, hundreds of likes, and ecstatic comments.

Customers may also find a coaster-making kit that uses air-drying clay or resin in addition to the candle-making kits, which are a part of Bunnings’ new Practa project line. Bubblecandle

According to Lizzie Bartholomew, buyer for craft and projects at Bunnings, “Our new Practa project kits have just launched in stores and online featuring candle making, air-drying clay, and resin-casting coasters among the projects you can try.”

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The kits, which start at under $15, are proving to be a popular last-minute Christmas gift. Many customers have purchased one as a Kris Kringle, a stocking stuffer, or even a gift for a favourite teacher.

“This is our initial drop of kits

more will be released in the upcoming year. There are several possibilities available in the collection to spark your imagination and get you away from your devices.

“So far, we’ve loved watching customers bring their kits to life, add their own creative touches, and use their finished products to adorn their homes or give to friends and family.”

Soy wax, a bubble silicone mould, a candle wick, a wick holding stick, a pointed stick, and vanilla-scented pigments are all included in the little bubble candle kit. It costs little under $13 and produces four miniature bubble candles that are 3.5cm tall.

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