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Can vaping make you addicted to nicotine?

Recently, teenage vaping has become a hot issue for everyone after its explosive growth over the years. High schoolers and those as young as 11 years also indulge in using Disposable vapes like cbd disposable and orange county cbd, frequently. Although the legal age limit for purchasing and using vape kits in the UK is 18 and older than this, teenagers find a way to get vapes illegally.

What Is Nicotine Addiction:

Addiction to something happens when you consume it regularly, and it starts messing with your neuroreceptors. Nicotine is a psychoactive compound primarily found in tobacco products. The raw form of nicotine is derived from tobacco leaves and is used in many other products, such as gums, patches, gummy bears, etc.

Why People Consume Nicotine Willingly:

Because nicotine makes you feel relaxed and energetic. It is not the form of drug that makes you lose consciousness; instead, it increases your awareness of the surroundings and heightens your senses. People feel more productive and enthusiastic about working after nicotine enters their system.

Quality & Quantity Of Nicotine In Vape Devices:

Disposable vapes contain e-liquid, the source of nicotine in vaping. This vape juice has salt nicotine, a lab-processed form of freebase nicotine. Nic Salt is less harmful than freebase nicotine as it is relatively mild than the latter. Another perk of vape liquid is that it contains a controlled nicotine strength, available in various choices.

You can increase or decrease the intake of nicotine amount according to your situation. Conventional cigarettes do not allow you to choose your preferred nicotine concentration. It is safe to say that the quantity and quantity of nicotine in disposable vapes is better than that in traditional cigarettes.

Role Of Vapes In Nicotine-Addiction Onset:

Many people believe that vaping is the leading cause of the onset of teenage nicotine addiction. The truth is, even before vape products were introduced to the general public, regular cigarettes were common among the masses and kids used to smoke as well.

It is proven that e-cigarettes are 95% safer than regular ones. So, using disposable vapes is way better than smoking cigarettes. Vaping is not the sole reason why nicotine addiction has become a trending topic, it was initiated by smoking, and vaping was advised just as an alternative to minimise the damage caused to the health.

What Is Worse – Smoking Or Vaping Addiction:

You cannot say that vapes are risk-free, and using them regularly would be wise. But, in comparison to smoking, vaping is a much better option. There has been limited research on the long-term effects of vaping; still, it has proved to be way safer than regular cigarettes.

Disposable vapes are not promoted to non-smokers and youngsters in the growth phase. They were launched in many flavours, colours, and designs to give people a more appealing alternative to a health-deteriorating product. Though this strategy has proven effective in steering folks’ interests to vaping from smoking, this result has come with a downside.

Like everything else, vape devices have their pros and cons. The most noticeable advantage is helping people stay true to their ambition of quitting smoking. Those who find it difficult to bid farewell to their favourite habit and stress reliever can switch to vape devices as they also provide a similar experience to smoking.

On the other hand, the significant drawback of creating attractive, small disposable devices is grabbing underage teenagers’ attention. Taking a couple of puffs after some days for entertainment is fine, but using them frequently will cause nicotine addiction. Experiencing psychological changes at an early age is harmful to your mind and body.


Unlike what the majority believes, the beginning of nicotine addiction was not because of disposable vapes. It was onset by conventional cigarettes, which are much more harmful to health and the environment than vape devices. 

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