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Check Out Vivica A Fox Net Worth And Her Life Story

Hollywood actress Vivica Anjanetta Fox is well-known for her work in hit movies like Hollywood & Wine and Independence Day: Resurgence, the Masked Singer (2021), 12 to Midnight (2021), and The Wrong Cheer Captain (2021) (2021). 

Vivica A. Fox was born in South Bend, USA. Vivica A. Fox is 58 years old as of the year 2022. More information on vivica a fox net worth and her life story is shared below in this article.

Early life

Vivica Anianetta Fox was born on July 30, 1964 and her parents are William and Everlyena Fox. She was born in the American city of South Bend, Indiana. Her mother worked in the pharmaceutical industry, while her father was an administrator for the education sector.

Fox attended Arlington High School and received his diploma in 1982. However, it took her a while before she was able to enrol in college.

Fox didn’t begin college until 1988, and she then moved to California to attend Golden West College. She received a bachelor’s degree in social sciences at graduation. Keep reading to know more about vivica a fox net worth.

Personal life

When Vivica Fox was three years old, her parents separated, and she was primarily raised by her mother. Fox describes herself as a restless youngster who loved roller skating. 

While working at a fast food restaurant, participating in school sports, and singing in the chorus kept Fox busy during her childhood, she acknowledged that she had always been star-struck. 

She travelled to Los Angeles after graduation to pursue her acting career, but she made the smart decision to continue her education by taking evening classes at Huntington Beach’s Golden West College. 

She also worked in a restaurant on Sunset Boulevard, where a patron who later revealed himself to be a film producer suggested she call his agent friend and from there her career started to grow and vivica a fox net worth started to grow.

In December 1998, Vivica Fox wed Christopher “Sixx-Nine” Harvest.

In 2002, the couple divorced. When Christopher was a member of an R&B group, the two were romantically involved. Later, in 2003, she began dating American rapper 50 Cent. Before breaking up, they had been dating for a few months.

In her autobiography, “Every Day I’m Hustling,” Vivica acknowledged that their relationship broke down following a trip to Monaco in October 2003. She claimed that he was dissatisfied because of the attention she attracted from being in the spotlight. Keep reading to know about vivica a fox net worth.

50 Cent then started defaming her in the press. Following that, in 2010, Fox became engaged to Atlanta-based club promoter Omar “Slim” White. He gave her an eight carat diamond ring. Sadly, they decided to break off their 10-month engagement.

In a conversation with Access Hollywood, Fox said that she will have a special someone in her life in 2021. She also remained quiet regarding her secret lover.


Vivica A. Fox started her acting career at the same time she relocated to California. She made her television debut on Days of Our Lives, and in 1989, she made her film debut in Born on the Fourth of July. Days of Our Lives was a very popular soap drama that millions of people around the world adored and it is one of the reasons for increasing vivica a fox net worth

As Fox appeared on some of the most well-known television programmes of the 1990s, such as Beverly Hills, 90210, Matlock, and Family Matters, her popularity increased.

Fox has appeared in numerous films and television shows, but she did go through a creative slump at the end of the 2000s when she appeared in a number of critically derided movies.

Fox has appeared in more than 100 films to date, about 17 of which were television movies. 

Independence Day (1996), Batman & Robin (1997), and Kill Bill: Volumes 1 & 2 (2003/2004) are a few of the box office successes she has appeared in.

Additionally, Vivica A. Fox has been in at least 45 television shows as both a regular and a guest star. Additionally, she frequently appears on shows like Empire, Prank My Mom, and 1-800-Missing (2004–2006). (2015-present).

In addition to being an actress, Fox has also created a number of films and television programmes. Fox released her book, Every Day I’m Hustling, in 2018. Keep reading to know vivica a fox net worth.

Vivica Fox’s social media

On social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, Vivica Fox is active.

As of May 21, 2022, she had over 1.7 million followers on Facebook, over 643.3K followers on Twitter, and about 1.7 Million followers on Instagram. Below you can see vivica a fox net worth.

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Vivica A. Fox net worth

The estimated vivica a fox net worth as of 2022 is $6 million. Through her career, she has amassed a million-dollar empire.

Actress Vivica A. Fox, who was born on July 30, 1964, is well-known. From her career, Vivica A. Fox has made a respectable sum of money.

Vivica A. Fox earns an estimated $20,000+ every month. She still has a long way to go before she can earn much more money and accomplish much more than she has already.

Interesting facts about Vivica A. Fox

  • Made her debut in a Clearasil commercial as a professional actor.
    for her performance in the play Whatever She Wants, she won the Spirit Award at the 18th NAACP Theater Awards.
  • Vivica and her ex-boyfriend 50 Cent have a public dispute, which has led to both of them airing their dirty laundry in public.
  • Her best and worst on-screen kisses were with Will Smith and Morris Chestnut, respectively.
  • When she was younger, people couldn’t pronounce her name, Vivica, and since my middle name is Anjanetta, she was known by the nickname Angie Fox.
  • She couldn’t live without lip balm, clear mascara for her brows, or hair conditioner.
  • In 2010, Fox Hair Collection, which sells wigs and extensions with celebrity inspiration.
  • on the animated series Scooby-Doo: Mystery Incorporated, she provides the voice of Angel Dynamite.

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