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Choosing a Hair Replacement System



When choosing a hair replacement system, prospective patients should ensure that the membrane is one of the three types: monofilament, lace, or polyurethane. One of these materials is preferred if the skin is porous and needs to breathe. Monofilament and lace are both porous and provide a natural-looking look and soften the front hair line. The latter also gives the appearance of hair growing out of the skin.

Synthetic hair

Despite the popular misconception that a synthetic hair replacement system is more durable than a Human hair wigs system, there are some things you should keep in mind when caring for your new synthetic head of locks. While synthetic hair can be washed and dried easily, soaking it in hot or warm water will remove its natural wave and curl, and can even damage your new hairpiece. Ideally, you should wash your synthetic hair replacement system in cool water, and air dry it after use.

There are many types of hair replacement systems on the market. Depending on your personal preferences, the best one will be the one that best suits your hair and style. For example, a CRLAB scalp prosthesis made of 100 percent human hair is much more realistic than a fake one. Another popular type of hair replacement system is called Custom Design Hair, which integrates with your natural hair to look like your own. Virtual reality hair replacement systems are also very realistic, since the human hair is inserted into a breathable membrane attached to the scalp. These systems can be customized to match your exact hair color, pattern, and hairline.

Human hair

Although there are several synthetic alternatives to human hair as hair replacement system, people prefer the former. They are compatible with all hair products and grooming methods. Synthetic hair can get burned or melted when exposed to hot styling tools, and it can also get matted if it is mistreated. However, for those who want a cheaper alternative to human hair, synthetic hair is often a great choice. For most people, a combination of human and synthetic fibre is the best compromise.

When choosing a Hair replacement system, the patient should carefully examine its quality. If the hairs are made from synthetic materials, they will fit well on the head and look like natural hair. Moreover, the patient should also consider its comfort. The system should fit comfortably, and it should not cause any discomfort during the procedure. Furthermore, it should be easy to style. It also gives a person the confidence of knowing that it will never come off and look 100% natural. In addition, patients will not have to worry about the hair falling out or getting tangled.

Poly skin base system

The poly skin base hair replacement system has many benefits. First of all, the system is lightweight and comfortable to wear. Since the hair is made of a super-fine, P.U.-coated nylon center, it gives users the impression that they are wearing natural hair. The system is secure and comfortable to wear and is especially suitable for swimming, sports, and sleeping. It adheres to the skin without adhesive tape, so you can swim or exercise without worrying about the system falling out.

Another benefit of the poly skin base hair replacement system is that the system has a longer bonding period than the lace system. Since the poly is sealed, the adhesive will not penetrate into the skin base and break down over time. This means that a skin system can be worn for up to four weeks. The maintenance interval is longer than lace, which makes it a good choice for clients who have a shorter time between hair replacement sessions. Many people choose a poly skin base system for their hair loss condition. A poly skin base hair replacement system is a great option for full head baldness, because it can provide a more natural appearance than lace.

Gap stitch

The Gap stitch hair replacement system is an excellent option for patients suffering from alopecia or extreme balding. This innovative weft stitch technique uses no glue and has a lifespan of two to three months. The system is highly breathable and natural looking. It is most commonly used to cover bald patches in the front and hairlines with less hair. The system is also very light and comfortable to wear. In addition, it can be removed easily.

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