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Commercial Car Wash Vs. Self Car Wash: Which Should You Choose?

Each month it’s appropriate to wash your car and give it a nice clean. However, the question is whether you should wash your car at your home or in a commercial auto wash?

Commercial car washes as well as self car washes offer various advantages and drawbacks. There are a few things to think about.

Qualitative Wash

Cleaning your car yourself can have certain drawbacks. The hose doesn’t create enough pressure to get rid of the tough dirt. Furthermore the rags, towels and sponges you’re using may disperse particles that damage the paint on your car.

Are commercial car washes more effective than self-car washes? Commercial car washes provide extensive washing options, including automatic car wash in-bay machines and the drive-thru car wash systems. One disadvantage is the water spots that are often left on the surface by commercial air dryers.

Commercial car washes are generally more extensive and thorough than self-car washes. But washing your car at home will allow you to address every little detail that a commercial car wash could overlook.

The impact on the Car

There was an era when people believed that commercial car washes could harm their vehicles. They were concerned that the harsh cleaning could harm the appearance of a car. Fortunately, the latest advancements in the equipment used in commercial auto wash decrease the risk of car damage. Most car washes utilize softer brushes and machines that spray water instead of directly touching the vehicle.

Cleaning your car yourself could result in damage. Many people make the error of using dishwashing detergent that can leave a residue and wash away wax. Also washing your vehicle with direct light, it can cause burns to the paint.

It’s likely that you won’t cause harm to your vehicle if make use of a commercial car wash in the event that you select an auto wash that doesn’t have rough brushes.

Effects on the Environment

If you wash your vehicle by yourself, the water flows through your driveway before it flows in your storm drainage. The metals and the sediments that are left behind that are left behind by your vehicle flow through this water, contaminating the water and posing a threat to wildlife. However commercial car washes collect the contaminants in drains. The particles are removed using water treatment systems.

Therefore commercial auto washes tend to be more safe to the earth than self-car washes.


Commercial car washes range between $5 to $30. The cost increases with other services like waxing, vacuuming, and even detailing. The most expensive firms offer mobile car wash services that transport their equipment to your house. While the cost of commercial car washes generally aren’t too expensive but they can increase in time.

Cleaning your vehicle yourself is quite affordable. You will need to purchase the tools, including sponges, soap along with microfiber towels. The cost of water may rise somewhat, depending the amount of water you are using to wash your vehicle. In the long run, self-car washes are cheaper than commercial car washes.


Commercial car washing can take approximately 10 minutes, whereas self-service car washes can last up to an hour. Whatever auto wash you select you choose, it will surely help you save time and effort.

If all aspects are considered and weighed, commercial vehicle washes will be usually the best option. However, they are expensive and lack the personal feel. It’s likely to be a good idea switch between commercial washing or hand wash.

If you’re looking for an option that is a mix of both, then a self-service car wash is an excellent option. Your car is parked at an area where you are able to pay for soap and water rinse. You might even be able to pick a variety of options, such as wax and car vacuums. also there is opportunity to find a free vacuum car wash near you. Then, you can do the washing task yourself.

Be sure to wash your car approximately every monthly to ensure it stays looking clean and appealing. If you’re ready to sell your vehicle.

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