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Coronavirus Apps and Their Dashboards

Currently, hospitals, colleges, universities, and government agencies are using Coronavirus apps and dashboards to keep track of patients, monitor symptoms, and keep up with the latest information regarding the spread of the virus. These apps are also helping people limit contact with infected people. They have contact tracing features, which allow health departments to collect data and identify people who may have come into contact with COVID-19. Instant credit card approval in UAE is not so complicated Now 


Covidguide for Coronavirus apps and their interactive dashboards are free and open source software developed by the SORMAS project, a non-profit organisation that promotes open source technology in public health. Its design follows the highest standards of data protection, good scientific practice and open access. It features disease-specific containment procedures, diagnostic standards and WHO containment guidelines, and is designed for a range of users within public health services.

Coronavirus mobile apps are being used by government agencies, universities, colleges, and hospitals to monitor cases and limit contact with infected individuals. They offer customizable dashboards with calendars and interactive graphs. Users can create and share dashboards for different organizations. The apps also feature contact tracing tools that help identify individuals who may have come into contact with people who are infected.

pnp coda

PNP Coda dashboards are highly customizable tools that allow users to view and analyze data from a variety of sources. With interactive graphs, calendars, and user-friendly interfaces, users can track trends and manage risk. The applications are available for both organizations and the general public, and the tools can be used on multiple devices. For example, the Hong Kong government’s dashboard is designed to monitor the spread of coronavirus disease. It features links to helpful resources and valuable tips for preventing infection. Besides being easy to use, these dashboards can be customized for multiple organizations.

Using a CODA PNP dashboard, healthcare providers can easily track disease outbreaks and monitor their progress in providing care. The dashboard’s interactive graphs and charts are designed for ease of use, and the software can be downloaded for free. The dashboards can be shared with other healthcare providers and government agencies to aid in evaluating the impact of disease outbreaks.

PNP CODA dashboards are an excellent resource for health providers and researchers. The app lets them view disease prevalence trends and share disease data on an interactive map. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to enter data and can be accessed via a PC or mobile phone. To use the PNPCODA dashboard, healthcare providers must register with PNPCODA and log in through their Covid account.

PNP CODA dashboards visualize all of the data in the PNP Coda database. They also allow PNP officers to input data using computers and other electronic devices. In addition, PNP officers can input patient information using these apps. Those who are PNP officers can then share this information with government and other agencies.

In addition to providing vital health information, PNP CODA dashboards also provide contact numbers for PNP staff members. In case of an outbreak, the site can also keep track of Covid-19 vaccination data and respond to inquiries from the public. The site is free to use and accessible to everyone.


GuideSafe Coronavirus apps and their dashboards are designed to help you prevent the spread of the disease and help you manage the infection once you become infected. They provide data on infection rates, cases and deaths around the world, as well as prevention information. The information is updated twice weekly and is verified for accuracy. The applications are free to download and feature an Exposure Notification System to alert you if you have been exposed to the virus.

GuideSafe Coronavirus apps and their dashboards also help you limit your contact with infected individuals. The apps are also used by health departments and governments to monitor the spread of the disease. They also track the number of infected individuals around the world and alert users if they are exposed to any of them.

The GuideSafe Exposure Notification App exchanges random codes via Bluetooth and works even when the phone is in the background. The app is useful for notifying you and your family if someone in your household has been exposed to the COVID-19 virus. If a COVID-19 infection is detected in your household, the app will alert you and alert the ADPH, if necessary. It will also help you find out how to get help from the ADPH and provide a list of resources.

Guidesafe Coronavirus apps and their dashboards have been developed and launched by SORMAS, a non-profit organisation promoting open source technology in the field of public health. They comply with WHO containment procedures and data protection standards. In addition, the applications are designed to be compatible with the needs of a wide variety of public health service users.

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