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Corpse real face Revelation | Mystery of Corpse Husband

Been hiding his face for years, Corpse Husband is still a big mystery. His fans are curious about his real identity and waiting for him to reveal it one day. But that day doesn’t seem to come anytime in the future, it’s been years and there is no clue how he looks. Corpse real face got revealed in rumours many times but all of them later turned out to be fake. He is popular on Twitch with over 1.3 Million followers and 3.9 Million people follow him on Twitter. Despite being a mysterious personality, his follower count increases every year. 

Hidden identity becomes Real identity

Now that showing body and face is a common thing on social media, hiding yourself is now an unique thing. There are various celebrities who hide their real face and it has become their new identity. Fans know who is hidden behind the mask. There are numerous personalities who are famous for hiding their face and not revealing their personal details. In an attempt to hide their identity, these people created a new fashion statement : Using masks, helmets, wigs, tattoos, paints, etc and creating a unique identity. 

  1. Sia : The famous singer and songwriter doesn’t hide her face with a mask but a huge wig which always has unique patterns in halves makes her recognizable among her fans.
  2. Daft Punk : Daft Punk is a name of Electronic music Duo group which have members : Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter, these are french electronic music artists who always wear Star wars inspired headwear. 
  3. Marshmello : EDM music artists and song writer, Marshmello wears a huge and unique Marshmello shaped helmet to hide his face and we usually wear white clothing to match his helmet. Even after hiding himself, he is recognizable to the people around the world.
  4. Corpse Husband : Corpse real face has never been revealed to his fans and they are trying their best to find any old picture of him on the internet. He is a youtuber, live stream gamer and horror story teller who narrates real scary stories to his audience in a deep and scary tone. His hidden identity creates a mysterious atmosphere and helps him gain more fans each time.

Speculations on Corpse Real Face

His Twitter controversy garnered attention from not just his fans but other internet users too. Some fans revealed his photos and haters got the topic to spread more hatred on social media. His pictures were shared by everyone and caught attention. People started to make memes on his facial features and body which led to controversy on Twitter social media handles. While haters were writing derogatory comments on his Twitter page, his fans were trying to fight them. Even though Corpse Husband never responded to any rumours, his fans showed love for him by not judging his appearance. Later the corpse real face revelation turned out to be fake but it still gave a lesson to people about how they should never make fun of someone’s appearance. 

Some fans even speculated that he never shows his face due to his insecurity and that we don’t want to get judged by anyone. People still praise his work and storytelling skills.

Horror storytelling

Corpse real face revelation never happened but it helped him garner more audience. His voice has a deeper tone which helps him create a serious and horrific atmosphere and helps him narrate scary stories smoothly. 

He also put background music according to the story theme to take the audience into the new world. 

He posts true ghost stories which may not be true, but the way he narrates everything, it definitely requires a lot of skills. 

Corpse real face being hidden from the camera is enough to scare his audience and make them feel a real time scary simulation. 

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Psychology behind hiding identity

Corpse real face revelation case is an example of how some people like to hide themselves from the world and do not reveal anything about their life. According to Psychologists, there are many factors which lead people to hide their real identity even when they are not criminals.

  • People who are introverted in nature do not like to talk with other people, they like solitude in life and never talk much to anyone. 
  • A person who has experienced pain and has been hurt many times also likes to hide himself from the world to avoid any pain again. Their heart is already broken and they do not have capacity to experience another heartbreak. It is not like they do not want to talk but they are afraid.
  • People with mental health issues feel the need to lock themselves in a room and don’t talk to anyone. The depressed person never reveals that he is actually facing issues in his life. 
  • People who are insecure about their face and body try to hide themselves from the people to avoid any kind of judgement. They have experienced someone making fun of their body weight, height, waist, nose or facial features. These people never want someone to look at them closely so that no one judges them.
  • A person with a kind of trauma from the past experience such as : Abuse, assault, rape or accident feel insecure and afraid all the time which creates a mysterious mindset in them. 
  • People with a kind of Phobia always fear that something might happen to them. They get anxious even while talking to someone. Scopophobia is a fear that someone is staring at you all the time. 

Corpse Husband face revelation still seems impossible as he never discussed revealing his identity in future. Even though hiding your identity is a problem, sometimes, it becomes a boon as you have security and no one knows your secret and weaknesses. No one can expect your next move which gives you an advantage over others. You know secrets of other people but no one knows yours. In this world, where hackers and criminals are waiting for a key to your life. It is better to be a private person and only reveal limited details about your personal life.

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