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Dianabol Reviews, Legal D-BAL Alternative by Crazy Bulk

The name, D-Bal, may not mean anything to you… But the fact remains that it is indeed a very widely used sports pill… and known by another name that is Danabol, Dianabol and DBOL. These are steroids, which are no longer authorized for sale at present.

A very famous person used it: Arnold Schwarzenegger. He was a good customer. Now it is no longer possible to use it. So we had to find an alternative. We are going to talk about D-Bal, this dietary supplement that has been designed and manufactured by the American company that has its own test laboratories, crazybulk Legal Steroids for Sale .

A quick reminder: what was Dianabol used for? It had several functions, the main of which was the consequent development of muscle mass. It is for this reason that many bodybuilders have jumped on this element. Progress was rapid, efficient and visible. This was an important point for athletes.

Unfortunately, it didn’t have all good effects. Several side effects have been put forward due to the consumption of this steroid. Some were light, others were much more important and dangerous. One could have a significant increase in blood pressure, heart problems and gynecomastia. Gain info about Bank in UAE that offer personal loan with Bad Credit UAE 

Many researches and studies have been carried out to try to create a product based on natural elements, without it having any side effects. Crazybulk has done it and makes available to us on the market, the D-Bal. We have tested it for you.


The advantages of such a product are many.

  • 100% natural composition: essentially based on plants, it does not contain any addictive molecules that can create a feeling of dependency. It is up to the man to take these capsules accordingly and think about it after each sports session.
  • FDA Compliant: D-Bal has been cleared for sale and is marketed worldwide. The company that sells these products is American and has its own laboratories to carry out its tests and better understand the consequences they can have on humans. The FDA (American government structure) has validated this product.
  • Effective and rapid results: from more than a month of regular intake, the first results appear. Here is why we love this food supplement intended for bodybuilding!


  • No risk to health: all scientific studies (or almost) agree that there is no danger for humans.
  • Not available in stores or pharmacies: this product cannot be purchased in physical stores. It is therefore necessary to anticipate delivery times each time to avoid being short of D-Bal.

In a few words

This dietary supplement is 100% natural. All the ingredients are herbal, which justifies the absence of dangerous side effects for health, unlike Dianabol.

The effects come very quickly. You will be surprised when you use it. It is an excellent product for gaining muscle mass, making efforts longer and increasing the intensity is a real plus that we like.

A point that makes its strength will be the absence of elements that can lead to addiction. If you decide to quit for more than one reason, it is possible. Moreover, Crazybulk recommends a break of 1 to 2 weeks after a complete 2 month cure. This interruption to D-Bal consumption should not be taken lightly.

D-BAL (Dianabol): what is it?

It is a capsule composed of several ingredients allowing to find all the advantages of methandrostenolone. This is the scientific name of dianabol. The objective was to find these effects, without the chemical components that are dangerous to health. This alternative is reliable.

To gain muscle mass and strength, it is a good compromise. Except that this formula is more interesting. It has many benefits that we will present in the next paragraph.

The new marketed version is sold as being 7 times more powerful than the original version. It provides muscle strength, but that’s not all. It has ingredients that can significantly improve the health of the athlete like ashwagandha. Anavar This element is going to improve VO2 max, reduce body fat and lead to healthier lean muscles because they will be nourished. It will also act on the cholesterol level!

As a result, many ingredients, all natural, have been added to the initial formula and several tests show that it brings considerable gains to the health of athletes.

D-BAL (Dianabol): what is it for?

The main functions of D-Bal are to provide significant and rapid muscle gain. The first results can occur after 30 days, which is faster than most bodybuilding supplements.

Subsequently, the legal Dianabol will offer a significant additional strength. It will reduce all muscle pain which will help with muscle recovery. You can do sports sessions without worrying about having this type of pain.

D-Bal will also intervene on body fat. It will seek to eradicate it, which is essential for working the lean muscles that are just asking for it.

Finally, one last point, new for this product, is that there is, at least, one ingredient that will boost testosterone.

Dosage and advice for use of D-BAL

To have every chance of effectiveness, you must respect the dosage indicated by crazybulk, the manufacturer. You have to take 3 capsules a day. Each bottle you buy contains 90 of them, which means that it lasts 1 month in its entirety.

Taking this dietary supplement cannot be done at any time. It is recommended to wait three good quarters of an hour, once the session is over, to swallow them, with a large glass of water.

This pill should not be used haphazardly. For optimal results, Crazybulk rad 140 recommends cure periods. By taking for 2 consecutive months, at the rate of once a day, this capsule, it will be necessary to mark a break of 10 days at the end of the 8 weeks. The body will need to recover to breathe better afterwards. Then you can start over 8 weeks with the 10 days off at the end, etc.

In addition, it is suggested to discuss with nutrition professionals to set up a diet that is appropriate and sports exercises in accordance.

The ingredients of D-BAL

Many natural ingredients are used by people who test products. Initially, there was a successful recipe, but the new version is even more so.

Isoleucine and BCAAs

For isoleucine, it is an amino acid. It is essential for proteins. It is this ingredient that will contribute to the increase of energy for the body. It is very important in the bodybuilding chain, but also for the health of the athlete. It is a food that has been the subject of several studies, especially in Japan.

whey protein

These proteins are there to provide the nutrients needed by muscle tissue. Thus, they can have more food and will promote muscle mass gain.

Tribulus Terrestris

It is above all a stimulator for the libido! But it has other interesting virtues for athletes. It is an ingredient that can be found almost everywhere, in food supplements, intended for muscle mass gain and weight loss.

Should I take it or not?

If you decide, in two months, to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger, then you are off to a bad start. It took a lot of practice for this American actor to get the body he has today. Let’s not forget that he consumed products that are now illegal.

You can turn to this product if you are looking for muscle mass or better physical energy to carry out your training activities.

In any case, the worst thing that can happen to you is the lack of results. There are no side effects that have been detected now by engineers and athletes. This proves the importance of plants in creating quality products.

It should also be noted that there is no risk of becoming addicted to this dietary supplement. It is not an anabolic element. It is recommended and strongly suggested by the manufacturer to set up a two-week break between two 2-month cures.

How should I take D-BAL? How long does it work?

By scrupulously respecting the dosage indicated above, namely, 45 minutes after training.

The results will not magically appear. It is important to continue to follow a specific bodybuilding and sports program. The advice of a trainer and a specific coach will be welcome. They are used to using this type of legal product and they can help you achieve your goal.

As in every sport, diet plays a key role. Proper diet will bring only positive consequences.

Where to buy D-BAL?

Only crazybulk online store provides this dietary supplement. It is not possible to find it on another website, otherwise it is a pure counterfeit. We draw your attention to this type of element because they can be harmful to human health, with components that are not necessarily authorized in this context.

There is only one price, it is that of Crazybulk which does not hesitate to make regular promotions. You have to keep yourself informed regularly.

Delivery of D-BAL products

Delivery times are correct. We got it in 7 working days. The carrier was LaPoste, which is more classic.

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