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Does Steam Cleaning The Couch Remove The Smell?

Couch steam cleaning can be expensive, so many people are seeking alternative methods to eliminate that odor from their favorite piece of furniture. With the right approach, the answer to the question, does steam cleaning the couch remove the smell? It can be yes! Follow these tips on how to deep clean your couch and eliminate odors, leaving it fresh and smelling better than ever!

Clean spills, crumbs, and stains now.

Whether you’re watching TV or with friends in the living room, we’ve all eaten meals, snacked on popcorn, or had a glass of wine on the couch. So, it is inevitable that crumbs, spills, and stains will form on the couch steam cleaning.

Sometimes we tend to put off things like this, saying, “I’ll clean it tomorrow” or “I’ll complete it on the weekend.” If you clean any stains, crumbs, or spills on your couch as soon as you see them, the less chance, they have to settle into its fabric, making it much harder for you to clean them completely when you do decide to clean them lamborghini huracan rental dubai

When your couch is not regularly cleaned, pet hair and dander can cause unpleasant odors. It sure is nicer to have a couch that smells delicious than one that constantly smells of wet pet odors!

Use baking soda 

Dry baking soda absorbs odors effectively after sitting on your couch for about 10-20 minutes – just wipe it off with a cloth or vacuum it off once it’s done working.

Make a saturated solution of equal parts water and baking soda for deep cleaning your couch and use it to remove stubborn stains and urine stains.

Wait until your couch is dry.

For the newly cleaned couch to stay fresh, wait for it to dry off before you use it. Some parts of it might still be wet, which would allow bacteria and other things to take root if used too soon. What will happen is that it will make odors last longer lamborghini car rental dubai

Vacuum with a dry brush

When you’re vacuuming your couch, try using a dry brush, as well as your vacuum, in order to really dislodge any dirt or debris, such as crumbs, dust, and pet hair, that’s embedded in the couch fibers. This works with all three types of couches– leather, microfiber, and fabric.

Home vacuums typically come with a range of brush attachments, but if you happen to have a vacuum brush handy, you can easily clean the other, larger debris. That way, you can use your vacuum cleaner to more quickly suck the debris away. 

Make a Lemon based cleaning solution.

With lemon juice and hot water, you can create a chemical-free citrus cleaning solution. Wipe down your couch with a cloth or sponge dipped in this natural cleaner to get a fresh, citrus smell.

Use scented bags or activated charcoal.

Place dried flowers and herbs into a small sachet, then place them under sofa cushions or in little nooks on your sofa. This will make your sofa smell great and feel natural.

You can also purchase sachets of activated charcoal, which are natural and long-lasting, and will also provide long-lasting freshness by eliminating bad odors.

Use the Correct method for steam cleaning.

If you use a couch steam cleaning on your sofa, make sure you adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines. You don’t want to exceed the temperature safe for that sofa fabric.

If the instructions from your couch’s manufacturer state that it is safe to use a steam cleaner, always vacuum the couch first and then let it dry in fresh air before using it again.

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