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Edmonton Web Developer Reveals Landing Page Secrets

How Using Something Called A “Landing Page” Can Transform Your Business Income!

What is a landing page? Simply put, a landing page is a page that prospective viewers who are looking for a product or service “land on” after clicking on an ad, either view a sponsored post, or relevant web link, often through organic (unpaid) social media or inside of an email. Landing Pages can be used for all kinds of businesses, be it service or product-based, such as “Edmonton Web Developer” or Dentist or anything one can think of. They’re often used to derive an action from the viewer, be it either to get them to enter their contact information, in exchange receive a free download, or to get them to make a purchase at the end of it. The formatting of the landing page helps greatly to encourage viewer conversion and get them to convert into a paying customer.

How To Create An Effective Landing Page

According to An Edmonton Web Developer Who’s Built Hundreds of Landing Pages

How do we create a landing page that converts effectively then? There are a few do’s and don’ts that everyone who wishes to build an effective landing page should know about.

1. Limit customer navigability

You want to limit customer movement once they’re on the page. So one prominent difference when designing a landing page, versus a regular web page, is that often we recommend excluding a navbar from both the header and footer section (top and bottom, essentially) of that web page. We -don’t- want them to be able to easily navigate off the page somewhere else, get lost and then eventually distracted and never fill in their contact information or buy. Enable them to only scroll and fill out their contact information, and you should see higher conversions on your landing page.

2. Don’t Present Price Immediately

Even though there may’ve been price mentioned in the ad that the prospect clicked on to get to your landing page, we still recommend not showing your pricing packages or price tag until closer to the middle or the end of the landing page. We want to present an overview, or go right into relating a pain-point to them first.

3. Present Social Proof

Before we do this, we introduce the pain point, so the problem you’re trying to solve, then how the product or service can help with that. We often then list a couple of benefits and/or a little bit about how it works, especially useful if this is a bespoke or unique product or service. What often gets missed is something known as Social Proof. This can take many forms, but usually involves some sort of testimonial, be it a Google Review from a past client (actual links and images of actual reviews help a lot here, versus just copying and pasting them) or a YT video review and a quick blurb about what that person is going to say about your product or service and how it changed their life. Social Proof is important! People feel more comfortable buying knowing that the product has worked for others. If you want to know more about how to increase confidence using social proof and testimonials, please read.

4. Craft a ‘Gold Star’ Guarantee

For example, if we’re searching for “Edmonton Web Developer”, then we want to create a guarantee that speaks to our service, whether it be a moneyback guarantee or a no-questions-asked refund, or a 100% satisfaction guarantee. What we don’t want to guarantee are results. Results are most often variable, and unreliable, due to a lot of things outside of your control. However, we can guarentee a certain level of satisfaction, so regardless of the result, the customer will think that the product or service at the time, was satisfactory and helped them in achieving their goals.

5. Create a Solid, Assertive Call-To-Action, (this is where we can present price)

Lastly, after we’ve covered everything, you’ll want to present your customers with an extremely assertive, confident and direct CTA (Call To Action). It’s not enough to present the pain point, product overview, explain how it works, even show them your testimonials, and present the price, and just sit back and expect the dollars to roll in. That’s unfortunately not how it works at all. Prospects need to have their hand held throughout any interaction and that’s where the CTA comes in. It’s important to ask for the business, explicitly at the end of it all. Even a simple and direct “Sign Up Below” can convert better than nothing.

We recommend trying to speak to their emotions or their problem in the CTA, say if you’re an Edmonton Web Developer trying to sell website design, saying something like “Ready To Receive The Website Of Your Dreams? Call Now” or “Ready To Get Started On Your Website? Enter Your Email”. Something like this at the end urging them to an immediate action such as picking up the phone or dropping contact details establishes consent and motivates them to come to you, rather than feeling like they’re being solicited to.

Additional Ways To Amplify Your Landing Page

Secrets of a Veteran Edmonton Web Developer For Maximizing Website Conversions

These are the basic anatomy of a high converting landing page, there is a lot more that can be done to a landing page to create higher conversions. Here in this section we’ll highlight a few ways one can amplify their landing pages to take their income to the next level.

1. Use an Infographic

Edmonton Web Developer Infographic Example Of An Infographic
An example of what an infographic could look like, excluding text

Ever hear the phrase a picture says a thousand words? What about a picture with strategically placed words? It’s a great way to convey a lot of information or explain a concept or process in an easily-digestible and particularly engaging and memorable format. Infographics also are a great way to increase the professionalism and brand credibility of your offer page, and break up all the text on the layout. For more information regarding graphics, branding and web development go here.

2. Videos can really add a LOT of impact.

Having a video included in your landing page can make a HUGE difference to your conversions. Most people prefer to use video to receive information. Think about it, it’s so much easier to just hit play, and sit back and listen and watch a video explain how your service works, how it solves your problem and as bonus it can add a strong CTA, that engages both visual and audio senses for your viewer. Whenever possible, either as social proof or as an explainer and introduction, choose to embed a video.

3. Consider Colour Theory and The Impact Colours Have.

While it might be tempting to go with your favorite colours, or something vivid like a hot pink everywhere, we have to understand that colours have powerful psychological and emotional impact. Depending on your product or service, and what you want to convey, should be how you choose colours. Taking a second to look up what colours mean what, and how to use complimentary colours can be really useful. Say you’re an Edmonton Web Developer, marketing to local area service providers, such as plumbers and massage therapists, chances are you would want to convey trust, reliability but also energy and quickness, something that conveys new, fresh energy. Blue is typically seen as the colour of reliability and trustworthiness, however it’s also a bit calm and quiet, so moving into Teal or Light Blue can create that sense of energy and freshness that we are looking for in our own businesses from a new website purchase, can communicate this effectively to our Edmonton Web Developer customers.

In Conclusion

Summarizing The Secrets Of A High Converting Landing Page From An Edmonton Web Developer

So by now, you should have a better idea for how to create a high converting landing page that can generate new sales, appointments, contact information for your local area business, 24/7 Three Sixty Five. Remember:

Address Pain Point With A High Impact Headline
Discuss Benefits
Explain How It Works
Stay Off Price Initially
Use Social Proof
Present Pricing
Offer A Guarentee
Strong CTA

These are things to keep in mind whenever launching a new ad campaign or organic outreach via social media, or email outreach to your list of contacts. Armed with these tips you should have no issues heading into the world of lead generation. If you’re looking for a bit of help with all of these, please follow the links in this article found number 3 “Consider Colour Theory…” as these people are expert Edmonton Web Developers.

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