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Essential things to know before considering dermal fillers

dermal fillers

Acne breakout on your face is odd, and you never want to survive long. Teenagers often experience this trouble, adversely affecting their personality and aesthetic sense. You would be lucky if this acne didn’t leave a scar on your face; if it did, you must think about proper treatment. What better option than dermal fillers can hit your mind? Dermal fillers might be the first thing to cross your mind, and the idea is relaxing, but wait! Do not rush! This post will reveal essential things to know before considering dermal fillers. Keep walking with us to learn more!

Things to know before dermal filling:

Acne scars are complex, but they can be treated with dermal fillers. However, the treatment is not always as effective as it sounds, and you must consider a few related things to stay on the safer side. Many patients make dermal treatment appointments without knowing the entire process and consequences. However, it would be wise to read this article before your treatment, as we will uncover a few helpful facts for you. Let us begin with the most significant one!

1. Understand the acne scar type:

What type of acne scar do you have on your skin? Will it respond the best to the dermal filling treatment? If not, you would waste your time and money with no good results! Boxcar and rolling or ice pick scars are the common scar types usually caused by acne on your face, and dermal filling can treat them well. Boxcar and rolling scars can respond the best to the dermal filling as they are not as deep as icepick scars.

Before you finalize any treatment for your acne scars, it would be best to assess the depth and type of the scar. If feasible, you can consult more than one consultant to collect different opinions about the scar on your face.

2. Consultation is crucial:

Consultation is the primary thing in your treatment, and you should never ignore it. Allow the skin specialist to assess and analyze your scars and suggest the best possible dermal filler. Do you want to consult with a specialist and undergo the best treatment for your skin scars? Consider contacting dermal fillers Dubai specialists to add more glow to your skin!

The specialist will assess which type of scar you are dealing with and how deep it is. After a thorough assessment, he/she will advise you on the best therapy available with few side effects for your skin.

3. Not all the fillers work the same:

It has always been a misconception that all dermal fillers work the same. However, the story is different! Not all dermal fillers work the same, as different dermal treatments are available for different scars. Collagen-based dermal fillers fix or refine the appearance of acne scars by lifting the indented and depressed areas.

However, Hyaluronic acid fillers are used for shallow marks like boxcar scars on the facial skin. The substance organically generates in the body, but when it is lacking, the specialists inject it to fix the problem.

4. Dermal fillers are not permanent:

Dermal fillers will never last forever as your body will break down and digest these fillers after 5-12 months. Collagen is injected under the scar to raise and refill the volume to make these scars appear less evident. However, these fillers are temporary, and you must repeat the process after the recommended time.

The best way to keep these dermal fillers fresh is to visit your consultant and focus on their maintenance regularly. It will help your skin look fresh and great! Many people fall for false claims of permanent filling treatment; however, no such treatment is available now.

5. Minor side effects:

The dermal filling can have a few side effects, and you must stand ready to bear them after the process is complete. Since your skin will get acid-based injections under atrophic scars, it will puff up and lift the affected area for a better structure. You may feel inflammation under the acne or scars, but it will go away shortly.

Apart from this, patients often experience discomfort in the injection area and redness and inflammation in the face. However, once these side effects are gone, you will experience a different texture and tone of your facial skin. Do you want to enhance your looks and treat your facial scars? Consider contacting Dermal fillers Dubai specialists and get the job done through experts!

Get in touch with a skin expert today!

Taking care of your facial scars and acne is essential as it can revitalize and restructure your personality. An acne breakout can be the last thing you want, but you can treat it with dermal filling treatment. Consider contacting specialists in dermal filling clinics and allow them to assess your scars and suggest the best possible treatment!

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