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Every detail about gear shaving cutter manufacturers

Such cutters are utilised for shaving off small amounts of several gears tooth facets after distilling along with shaper or hob cutters. There is a total of four kinds of :

  • Plunge cut
  • Underpass
  • Diagonal
  • Conventional

Plunge cut is often utilised in generating lines for motorbike and automobile gears because of its long life and efficiency.

They are made to fulfil the particular need of finishing gears and hence finish details are needed to manufacture and design shaving cutters. The materials used in such cutters are PM-HSS, HSS-CO, and HSS or they can also be made up according to the need of the client. The segment varies from m1-m14 along with an optimised 320mm diameter. There are several gear shaving cutter manufacturers available.

Benefits of using such cutters

These types of cutters are utilised to achieve a smooth finish touch to the surface of the gear tooth after the completion of the shaping and hobbing process. This process is vital for the manufacturing of varnished gears. Generally, such gears are utilised to gain the standard quality of varnishing along with a high level of accuracy, in case huge production is needed. With the help of these cutters, you can enhance the proficiency of the gears generated.

These cutters proffer several advantages in means of many factors such as cost, production, efficiency, etc. Below are a few of the advantages, let us have a glance at them:

  • These cutters give accuracy when it is utilised for gear production. They are contingent and generate the gear along with complete accuracy. To meet the manufacturing qualities of the gears, accuracy is essential. So, to obtain gear along with complete precision and accuracy, gear shaving cutters play a crucial part.
  • These cutters are famous for the excellence they offer at a low cost. They proffer an ideal cost to the ratio of production, hence supporting decreasing the production cost. They are utilised for the manufacturing of gears on a huge scale. Therefore, assuring scale economy, such cutters provide high-tech finishing to gears.
  • These cutters are the only way to offer the finest finishing touch to the gears. It is a distinct task that is completed before they are introduced in the open market. The finishing touch provided with the help of these cutters makes several gears ready to use.
  • Precise quality: Such cutters assist in offering the produced gears available in the market after the implementation of every finishing touch. The major purpose of this finishing is to create the particular according to the high standards. After manufacturing the high-quality gears and making them accessible in the open market.

These are a few of the major benefits of gear shaving cutters.


There are several manufacturers available for these cutters and the uses of such cutters are in great demand. As it provides the finishing touch to such gears which makes them completely ready to use. The use of these cutters is essential, this article covers all the relevant detail about gear shaving cutter and I hope it helped you.

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