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Everything You Should Know About Australian Merino Wool

With more than two hundred years of history, Australian Merino wool is one of the world’s finest, softest, lightest, and naturally made wool. Its natural properties are so unique that no other fibre, cotton or polyester, can stand anywhere near it.

People in Australia and across the globe love this quirky fibre for its quality and versatility. Australian Merino wool is most used in luxury clothing and next-to-skin apparel such as scarves, shawls, blankets, throws, and more.

Top reasons why Australian Merino Wool is popular:

It is Purely Natural

Merino is a 100% natural wool fibre derived from Merino sheep. Australian wool growers are known for producing this wool around the year using sustainable farming practices unlike anywhere else in the world. The Merino sheep consumes natural ingredients such as water, grass, fresh air, and sunlight. Further, Merino wool is made up of natural keratin, natural protein, including a small amount of fat, calcium, and sodium.

Easy Care

Merino wool is naturally stained and soil resistant. This is what makes it better than cotton or synthetic fibres. The wool has a natural protective layer on its surface that protects it from any external attack. The fabric is also slow to absorb liquids, allowing accidental spills to be wiped off before it permanently sticks there and becomes a stubborn stain. Moreover, it is also a natural wrinkle resistance, allowing it to bounce back to its natural shape.


Merino wool is environment-friendly and 100% biodegradable wool. When disposed of, it naturally decomposes in soil within a few years and releases valuable nutrients back into the earth. Synthetic fibres, in contrast, slowly degrade and significantly contribute to the world’s overflowing landfills. 


Merino wool is best suited for sensitive skin. Several studies suggest that wearing T-shirts or sweaters made from merino wool eases adult and infant eczema symptoms compared to other fabrics. It is also naturally antibacterial, antifungal, and antimicrobial.


Merino wool lasts for years. Unlike other fabrics, including synthetic fibre, it does not wear out quickly. It is stronger than cotton and can easily bend and stretch without losing shape. In addition, it can be washed often without worrying about losing its natural features.

Style, Comfort, and Performance

Merino wool strikes the perfect balance and perfectly combines style, comfort, luxury and performance. It is the first preference of the world’s most influential fashion designers and clothing brands.

Merino wool fibres quickly adjust to the body’s temperature under changing situations, allowing the body to maintain an optimum temperature in any environment. This makes wool a versatile all-season fabric. In addition to this, it is a highly breathable material and is also less prone to clamminess.


Australian-made merino wool is not only for apparel; it can also be part of your home décor to make your space reflect your taste and design idea. You can choose from a range of merino wool products, such as merino blankets, merino throws, merino shawls, and merino scarf in Australia from Modern Merino, a name synonymous for merino wool in Australia and outside. Visit the website today!

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