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Factors to Consider When Choosing LED Downlights

Apart from beautifying your room, LED downlights save energy costs. However, you need to get the most appropriate lighting fixtures for your home. 

But how do you get the right LED downlights in Australia for your house? Below are some factors to consider when buying LED downlights.

Check the Wattage

Ensure to search for LED downlights in Australia to find the best lighting fixtures for your home. You will find many LED downlights in the market. 

But they are different in terms of energy consumption. You should get lights with low energy usage but with high-intensity of lighting. 

Consider Colour Temperature

Temperatures of lights vary depending on the LED downlights. Do you want your rooms to have warm or cool lights? You can buy LED downlights depending on the conditions of your house and location.

Check the Colour Rendering Index of the Downlights

Do you want to install LED downlights that show the actual colour of objects in your room? LED downlights come with different colour rendering indexes. Some LED downlights will show you exactly how objects are when lights are turned on, while others will not.

Look at the IP Rating of the Downlights

If you seek to buy outdoor lights, ensure you get waterproof LED downlights that survive in humid conditions. Humid conditions in bathrooms and outside your house damages lights if they are not water-resistant.

Consider the Beam Angle of the Lights.

Before you buy downlights, you should find out if you want the light to spread to a broader area or be confined to a small space. When buying LED downlights, you can choose a gimbal or fixed option. 

Gimbal downlights allow you to adjust the direction of lights. The fixed downlights emit light in a downward direction.


You need to check the warranty guarantee before buying your lighting features. LED downlights will serve you for a long. However, all electrical appliances can fail at any time.

Figure Out the Installation Location

Where do you want to install your LED downlights? For a high ceiling, buy high-power LED downlights, which produce more light.

Are you buying LED downlights for commercial use? Check the additional safety conditions required before buying your lighting fixtures. Many downlights for home use come with required standards to enhance safety.  

Consider the Cut-Out-Size

If you have holes already cut into your ceiling for installing LED downlights, you should consider the diameter of the lighting fixtures. When there are no specific holes, you will require an expert to drill holes in the ceiling to fix lights.

Downlights Installation Costs

You need an expert to do the wiring to install downlights. So, when buying your fixtures, you should consider the installation cost.

Check the Compatibility of Downlights With Other Electric Systems.

Are your preferred led downlights compatible with Clipsal RCBO circuit breakers? When you are upgrading your lighting fixtures, it’s essential to check their compatibility with other electrical systems.


LED downlights are the most efficient and save on energy costs. Check energy usage of downlights, beam angle, and IP rating before buying lighting fixtures. Colour temperature is another factor that determines the choice of downlights. You should also determine if the LED downlights are compatible with circuit breakers like Clipsal RCBO.

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