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Gynecomastia in Lahore | Male Breast Reduction Procedure

Some guys have to deal with having breasts that might make them look more like girls. The medical term for this is “gynecomastia.” Surgery is often needed to flatten the chest, but changing your lifestyle, like eating healthier and exercising more, might help. Male breast reduction or Gynecomastia in Lahore is a procedure that can take place with the help of Dr. Atta Ul Haq, a certified plastic surgeon. This surgery helps a man’s chest look better by removing extra fat and breast tissue.

Male breast reduction is something Dr. Atta Ul Haq from Lahore does for men who only care about their appearance. Men with too much breast tissue and a feminine chest have no choice but to have surgery to get rid of it.

Many men feel better about themselves after having surgery to remove extra breast tissue and, in some cases, a small amount of fat. With their new attitude and bigger chests, patients may feel more comfortable wearing tight clothes or even naked at the beach or pool.

Gynecomastia: The Whole Truth

You don’t feel comfortable taking your top off in public (like at the gym or a public pool) or a more private setting (such as during a romantic dinner or a romantic movie). Do not feel alone. Seventy percent of young men and up to 70 percent of middle-aged men have gynecomastia in Lahore.

A standard procedure is gynecomastia reduction, which means taking out male breast tissue through surgery. Many guys choose to have this surgery done so that they can look more masculine. Gynecomastia, more commonly called “man boobs,” is when men’s breast tissue grows strangely. Men of any age can get this disease, which causes by genes, drug use, or being overweight.

Signs of Gynecomastia

If there is a lot of extra tissue, the breasts may droop and the areolas may stretch. In these cases, surgery might be able to help. Contact Dr. Atta Ul Haq for gynecomastia in Lahore.

These things are signs of gynecomastia:

  • Growth in the amount of glandular tissue
  • Too much loose breast tissue
  • In particular, too much fat in the chest.

The mental and physical effects of gynecomastia should take seriously. Physically, you might get back pain and slouch. This could hurt a man’s sense of self-worth and confidence.

How much will it cost to treat gynecomastia?

At the Dr. Atta Ul Haq Clinic of Gynecomastia in Lahore, this treatment usually costs 65,000. When you’re ready to set up your appointment, call us. After a thorough evaluation, Dr. Atta Ul Haq will talk to you about the surgical options.

How does this method work?

Most of the time, gynecomastia surgery occurs while the person is still at home. Your doctor can help you figure out what to do. This operation can proceed in several ways, and the one that works best for you will depend a lot on your body. When too much fat is the cause of gynecomastia in Lahore, liposuction is a common way to treat it.

A thin, hollow tube called a cannula uses for this procedure. After the fat has been gently moved back and forth over the body, it removes with suction. Dr. Atta Ul Haq will pick the method that will help you the most out of the many available.

Excision procedures may be needed to treat gynecomastia if glandular breast tissue or extra skin needs to reduce. Surgery is also necessary to reduce the size of an areola. In this case, reshaping the nose could lead to a more anatomically correct male profile. The shape of the incision can be affected by the patient’s body and the surgeon’s choice.

During gynecomastia surgery in Lahore, a surgeon uses a scalpel to cut away any extra skin or tissue carefully. They will also take special care to ensure that any scars are as small as possible. These two methods are often used together in this technique as an alternative.

Ask your doctor when you see them.

It is normal to have questions and worries in the days before surgery. Please feel free to ask any questions when you come in for your consultation. Dr. Atta Ul Haq will give you personalized feedback on possible procedures for gynecomastia in Lahore, their results, and how long it will take to improve.

  • I wonder how long I’ll have to change how I do things every day after surgery.
  • Asking, “How long does the operation take on average?”
  • What do they do to make you sleep?
  • “How bad is it going to hurt?”
  • How much will I be able to see results?

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Guys suffering from Gynecomastia in Lahore should contact Dr. Atta Ul Haq Clinic of Gynecomastia and Plastic Surgery in Johar Town Lahore. All the information regarding the procedure, techniques, methods, cost and recovery will provide after meeting with Dr. Atta Ul Haq at his clinic.

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