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How can you find the right store to buy your Jordans Shoes?

The cult of celebrity sneakers began in the 1980s when Nike collaborated with the basketball legend Michael Jordan during his time playing with the Chicago Bulls and launched the ever-popular Jordan shoes. Before there were Yeezys and Fenty Creepers, there were Air Jordans. They created an unprecedented cultural impact among the youth back then, and even now, after 35 models released since their inception, they continue to bring in massive bucks for Nike and the former athlete.

If you have been saving to buy these cult classics, there is a probability that you have not succeeded in purchasing the sneakers – because they are hardly ever in stock! They sell out quickly at the speed of light, and finding a store with available inventory – with your size! – is a real struggle. Visiting one store after another and checking website after website may drain you out of your energy and, perhaps, even your desire to buy the Nike bestsellers. 

But don’t you worry, you have come to the right place! We’ve got your back with our complete guide to finding the right place to buy your Jordan shoes without paying the hefty prices on eBay or settling for unkept and worn-down second-hand pieces.

Nike Outlet: The Mandatory First Choice

Your best chance of getting the original, real-deal, no-imitation Air Jordan sneakers is a Nike store. Exclusive releases may cause sneaker riots at the store, and as long as nothing turns violent, the struggle to get in the store and make your purchase is completely worth it. 

When you visit a Nike factory outlet or discount store, always ask them when the Air Jordans you want to buy will come back in stock. Arrive at the store on the day of restocking as early as possible, or call the store to confirm if the inventory has been updated or not. To those who are not a sneakerhead, this may appear to be an unnecessary hassle for just a pair of shoes, but we understand how much these classics mean to you. 

Third-party and Consignment Stores: Take Your Shots

If you hit the mall someday, check out the mega third-party stores that carry shoes and clothes from an assortment of different brands. Such stores often carry exclusive collections and celebrity collaborations like the Nike Air Jordans until their stocks last. 

Consignment stores are another good alternative. Not all used shoes come in bad condition. Many times, people wear a pair of shoes just a handful of times, put them away in boxes, buy the latest edition, and never return to the old pair again. Such shoes are more readily available than you might think and are generally kept in good condition. 

You can have a shot at finding a pair of Jordans released some years ago at these consignment stores. Flight Club, Stadium Goods, and Sean Wotherspoon’s Round Two are some stores you should check out. You are not going to find clean, well-kept kicks at your local thrift store unless your luck is exceptionally good. With a little washing and polishing, old shoes can easily be made as good as new!

Online stores: A Convenient Option

Finding shoes online is extremely convenient and easy. Your kicks await you just a few clicks away. However, when you search for the best place to buy Jordans online, you need to ensure the reliability of that virtual store. Many websites sell counterfeit Air Jordans as the original. 

You can find these authentic Nike staples on websites such as Eastbay, Footaction, JimmyJazz, and Livestock. These online retail shops guarantee delivery of genuine products.  And not to forget – Nike has an online store too called Nike SNKRS, where you can get all launch-related updates on your favorite sneakers! But let us warn you: stocks on Nike SNKRS run out faster than the blink of an eye. You might want to use a bot exclusively for this website.

Authentic and trustworthy online retail stores have some qualities in common: they offer proper return policies, a legitimate Authenticity Guarantee, and great customer support. Most of these websites have already built a reputation for themselves on the grounds of delivering credible products.

Online stores also have the advantage of seasonal discounts, referral rewards, and free shipping, so you can save extra bucks on your purchase! Resale websites like Flight Club and GOAT are reliable options if you are buying second-hand Air Jordans. StockX is your best website to buy deadstock sneakers from, and they give you an assured authenticity guarantee. 

Ballgame: All You Need In One Place

How do you feel about a store that has a physical brick-and-mortar shop as well as an online store? Great, right? Ballgame is the perfect company for you! We carry a 100% verified and authentic collection of Air Jordan sneakers. All the editions available in our store and website are completely brand new. We do not resell used shoes or fake the dupes as real.

If you come to the city of Fort Myers, Florida, or already live here, consider dropping by the Ballgame store! We have the complete collection of legitimate Jordan shoes near me straight from the Nike warehouses, for which you can pay in installments. You can find the same collection on our online store that we restock timely. 

Set your eye on the pair of Air Jordans you want, and get in your battle gear to win the war against the odds. Sneakerheads know the efforts that go into finding the Jordans of your choice (and in your size, of course!), and we want to make the search easy for you. 

Find your best fit at the Ballgame sneakers and clothing store today!

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