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How do I connect my laptop to my TV wirelessly with HDMI?


If you want to wirelessly connect your laptop to a TV, you will need to buy an adapter.

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Connect your laptop to the same router that your TV is connected to.

You’ll need to connect your laptop to the same router that your TV is connected to. This can be done by connecting an ethernet cable from your computer, if it has an ethernet port, or by using a USB-to-Ethernet adapter and plugging it into the USB port on your laptop.

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Once you’re connected and both devices are connected to the same network (you will know this because they will both use the same password), you should be able to connect them wirelessly. If not, make sure that Wi-Fi is turned on in both devices and check that they are on the same channel and security settings. Then try again!

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Install Intel WiDi on your laptop.

If you’ve been following along so far, then you’re ready to install Intel WiDi on your laptop. To do this, go to the Intel website and download the software. Once it’s downloaded, follow the instructions on screen to install it on both your laptop and TV.

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If this is your first time installing an app from Intel, they’ll prompt you to sign in with your email address or create an account with them at this point (so don’t worry if nothing happens right away). If you already have an account with them, just click “Next” until they ask for a password—that would be the one that goes here: _______________ You should also see a message telling you whether or not there were any problems during installation; if there were any issues installing either device (laptop or TV), check out our Troubleshooting Guide below before continuing.

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Turn on the TV and select the Input source using your remote.

To connect your laptop to your TV wirelessly, follow these steps:

  • Connect the HDMI cable to your laptop and TV. Make sure that you’re using an official HDMI cable (not just an adapter) and that both ends are securely plugged in.
  • Select the HDMI input source on your TV. Turn on the TV and press Input or Source (depending on which button is used for that function), then use a hand-held remote control or the buttons on your television screen to select “HDMI.” You should see images from both your computer screen and from any other devices connected to this input source appear on screen at once (if you have multiple devices).
  • Check everything is working correctly by pressing Play/Pause or Forward/Rewind buttons while watching a video playing through one of these inputs—you should see movement in both places simultaneously! If not, check whether there’s something wrong with either side of this connection; if so, try reconnecting them with different cables until it works properly again.’

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If you want to wirelessly connect your laptop to a TV, you will need to buy an adapter.

If you want to wirelessly connect your laptop to a TV, you will need to buy an adapter. You can buy one online or at your local electronics store. Once you have the adapter, plug it into the HDMI port on your laptop and then connect it to the back of the TV with HDMI cable. Next, turn on both devices (your laptop and TV) and make sure they are connected to the same router by turning off all other devices connected through the router (this includes gaming consoles). Finally, go into your settings on both devices and enable WiDi for each device in their respective settings menus.

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If you need to connect your laptop to a TV wirelessly, you will need an adapter. There are many different types of adapters available depending on the type of connection you need and the type of computer you have. For example, if your laptop does not have an HDMI output then there is an adapter called WirelessHD which will allow this type of connection.

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