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How Much Does It Cost To Send Gifts To Pakistan?

How Much Does It Cost To Send Gifts To Pakistan?

The family members who live abroad miss their family on special occasions. They wish to celebrate Eid, Birthdays, wedding anniversaries, Get-togethers, and Parties with their family and relatives. But it is unattainable for them due to their employment or education. They wish to send gifts to their loved ones on different occasions but cannot do so. They might have possible reasons.

High Shipping Rates

High shipping rates is one of the primary reason that restricts a man from sending a gift to Pakistan. The shipping rates depend on the size and the weight of a gift you want to send to Pakistan. Sometimes, the shipping service providers demand more for delivery than the gift price. You can opt to send the gift to Pakistan through your neighbor if he goes to Pakistan. But you cannot do this again and again because of ethical reasons.

Online Gift-shipping Providers

The Internet is full of those websites that help foreign people to send a gift to Pakistan. But all of them demand high delivery charges. Also, most people do not want to try online services due to fear of quality and scams. Is any loyal Pakistan gift online service available on the Internet with lower delivery charges? Do not worry because it is here for your help.

Sentiments Express: The Famous Online TCS Service

It is time to relax because you have found the outstanding Pakistan gift online service. Sentiments Express is the best Pakistan gift online TCS provider. They have been excellently delivering fresh and high-quality gifts globally. Unlike other gift providers, Sentiments Express has branches in different cities in Pakistan.

No Shipment Charges

Sentiments Express has solved your big query and made you able to send a gift to Pakistan for free delivery. They do not charge any shipping charges for the convenience of their customers. You only need to pay the price of your selected gift.

Worldwide Delivery

Not only in Pakistan, but they are also amusing their customers in around 10 countries.

  • UK
  • UAE
  • USA
  • Sweden
  • Germany
  • Singapore
  • Denmark
  • China
  • Australia

So, Sentiments Express is a connector that can associate you with your loved ones sitting in a different country.

Varieties of Gifts at Sentiments Express

Sentiments Express respect for your feelings and understand your emotions for your family and relatives. They have a large category of gifts for everyone and every occasion.

  • Bouquet for wife
  • Jewelry for mother
  • Toys for children
  • Perfumes for friends
  • Books for book-lovers
  • Self-care products for sister
  • Chocolates for girl
  • Customized mug for boy
  • Cake for birthday party
  • Mithai Tokra on Eid
  • Dry fruits in winters

Qualities of Gifts

With variety, Sentiments Express confirms the quality of items before delivery. They have collaborated with famous brands, including Del Frio, Platter planet, Junaid Jamshed, Bundu Khan, and Coffee Planet. All these brands provide high-quality items at affordable rates.


Sentiments Express is the top-rated TCS service provider that helps people exchange gifts free of delivery charges while sitting in different countries.

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