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How To Avoid Ban On GBwhatsapp

With over 2 billion users, WhatsApp is the largest social media messaging platform in the world. Meta is the second largest social media platform, after Facebook.

However, other developers around the globe have redesigned the app to make it more enjoyable and easier. Gbwhatsapp, for example, was created to improve privacy and physical appearance.

There are many risks associated with using these modified WhatsApp versions. One of the most frustrating situations is when the original WhatsApp messenger server bans you. How can one avoid ban on GBWhatsapp

We will be revealing how to get banned from Gbwhatsapp, which is the most popular mod.

Avoid ban on GBWhatsapp – 5 Tips

1. Sending a single message to multiple recipients is better than sending them bulk messages

Even though you may be using a modified version of WhatsApp it is important to remember that you still depend on the same server. WhatsApp monitors all activity and may ban accounts if they find spammy messages.

It is recommended to not forward messages to multiple recipients. WhatsApp will flag messages sent to multiple people at once as a red flag.

2. Do not post videos that exceed 1 minute on Status

WhatsApp Status was created to allow 30-second videos, and other features to make it more stable and user-friendly.

Uploading large videos to WhatsApp overloads it and can cause problems for some users. WhatsApp will ban you if you upload long videos to your status.

3. Use different mobile numbers for different apps.

You’ve all been there. This is usually because you have not logged in recently enough or that your number has been used before. You might feel tempted to use the same number twice if you have multiple WhatsApp versions. This is dangerous as WhatsApp can detect if you are using a modified version of WhatsApp and ban you.

It will appear that you are a spammer and WhatsApp can easily ban you permanently.

4. Gbwhatsapp should be updated regularly

You can also avoid being banned by WhatsApp by making sure that your Gbwhatsapp version matches the latest WhatsApp messenger version.

To ensure you have the most recent version of Gbwhatsapp , you can download it from this.

5. Uninstall GBWhatsApp

This is the best way to prevent WhatsApp from banning you mobile number.

GBWhatsApp operates independently from the official Meta app, WhatsApp. There are high chances they won’t care about you privacy or your convenience. You will be legally protected by using the official WhatsApp messenger.

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