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How To Make A Murphy Bed From An Entertainment Center?

Murphy beds fold into the wall to free up floor space in small rooms. The bed can then be pulled down from the wall and used at night when guests arrive or you want to get some extra shut-eye. If you don’t have room for a full-size murphy bed, or you want to save money by doing it yourself, you may want to try making one from an entertainment center instead of buying one new. With this guide, you can learn how to make a murphy bed from an entertainment center and free up more space in your home.

Murphy bed from an entertainment center

With the right supplies, you can make your own Murphy bed. First, measure your space. You’ll need a wall at least five feet long and at least six inches away from the other walls. Next, take measurements of your TV or furniture that you want to replace with the Murphy bed. Cut out the boards for the headboard and footboard of your new Murphy bed. Make sure they’re long enough so when they’re attached to the wall, there will be about four inches extending past it on either side. 

Attach them to the wall by drilling pilot holes through both pieces, then screwing them together. Measure the remaining length of your board against the edge of the room, subtract two inches (to allow for the mattress) and cut off any excess board. Screw this board onto the backside of one headboard-footboard pair, making sure it is level with them (use a leveler). Attach another pair in front of it in order to create a three-sided enclosure around where you want your Murphy bed to slide into place.

How to disassemble your existing furniture

Murphy beds are great space savers, because they can be folded away when not in use. Murphy beds are made by placing the furniture on the wall, then pushing it against the wall. This makes one side of the piece of furniture accessible while the other side is on the back wall with hidden hinges. If you have an existing piece of furniture that you want to turn into a murphy bed, the first step is to disassemble it and lay out all of its pieces on your floor. Next, take measurements of how wide and high your piece is and cut some wooden boards so that they will fit snugly along each edge inside your furniture frame once assembled.

How to build it

1. Build the frame of your bed.

2. Build the frame for the canopy or headboard.

3. Attach the two frames together. Attach the headboard/canopy to one side of the frame.

5. Put your mattress on top and attach it with bungee cords or other elastic materials so it doesn’t slide off.

How to decorate around it

If you’re like me and have limited space, this is a great way to create more. Murphy beds are popular for guest roomss but I think they could work well in any small space. They fold into the wall when not in use so there’s no wasted space and it’s easier to decorate around them. Plus, you can always dress them up with accessories and finishes if you want.

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