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How to Schedule Instagram Posts

Schedule Instagram Posts

If you’re a creator of content on (comprar seguidores instagram portugal) Instagram, you’re aware of the amount of time it will be to create an ideal post. There’s plenty to consider from the content, hashtags, and then the image and video you’d love to publish. This is why scheduling your Instagram posts ahead of time could be a huge game changer!

You might think, “What’s the best Instagram scheduler out there?” In this step-by-step guide, we’ll help you to go from manually publishing to building an entire Instagram content calendar to help you save time and anxiety.

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Facebook Creator Studio

The easiest way to automatize Instagram posts is using the Facebook Creator Studio. Suppose you’re not familiar with using an alternative Instagram scheduling application. If you don’t, Creator Studio offers a method for anyone with an existing Facebook account to organize the postings on Facebook or Instagram postings ahead of time.

I am beginning to use Facebook Creator Studio

First step: When logged in to Creator Studio, navigate to “Settings” on the far left. Then, click Instagram Connection.

2: Click “Connect Instagram.”

3: Click “Connect Account.”

4: At this point, Facebook might ask you questions regarding how Instagram will be able to access messages, change accounts, or do two-factor verification. Perform these steps according to your needs before moving on.

The 5th step is to click on the Instagram icon to access the Instagram section. Instagram section.

6: Click “Instagram Feed.”

Step 7: Choose the account you wish to transfer funds to.

Step 8: Write an appropriate caption or location.

9: Click “Add Content” and select the photo(s) or video(s) you’d want to publish.

After your media has finished uploading, you can add accounts to your list by clicking”Tag Accounts.” Click on the “Tag Accounts” icon in the lower right corner in the thumbnail view. If the media you upload includes images, you’ll have the option of cropping and changing the size.

Scroll to the bottom and click on the arrow beside”Publish.” Click the blue “Publish” button. From there, you’ll be able to choose “Schedule.” Choose your preferred date and time. The blue “Publish” button has now changed into “Schedule.” Click this, and you’ll be ready to go!


Step 1. Once you’ve logged into the account you created on Later, navigate through Settings > Social Settings and Access Groups.

Locate Step 2: Find the “Access Group” with the pertinent Instagram profile and click “Edit.”

3: Click “Enable” next to your Instagram profile. When the pop-up appears, complete each step until you can access Later. That’s it! check now

Scheduling using Later

The first thing to upload all your images or videos in your “Media Library” is listed in the upper left corner of the tool. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to upload any images or videos you enjoy in large quantities and then store them in a way that you can access them at any point.

If you’re ready to schedule content, then click “Calendar.”

On the left of your screen, you’ll see a smaller “Media Library” model containing all of your media content. On the right side, you’ll see your content calendar, where you can set up your content, write notes, or toggle between accounts you’d like to publish to.

When you’ve chosen the account(s) you wish to publish to the right of your calendar, you can click and drag any images or videos in the “Media Library “Media Library” onto a time slot that you want to schedule.

The editor’s window will now be displayed, from where you can edit the caption, location, or hyperlink to any website or tag your friends and brands.

You can also use other features, like “Saved Captions” and the “Photo Editor,” to schedule your post. All you have been doing is hitting “Save.”

Due to Instagram’s API, The Later’s “Auto Publish” feature can only be used for posts containing one image or video. If you’d like to set up posts with several media files, it’s best to use the Later’s “Mobile Notifications.”

Now you can create a schedule for your blog posts! If you must change the time slot, you’ve selected later, click and drag your content’s square to any other place in the schedule.

Create a Link-in-Bio

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Thanks to integrated tipping features and improved exposure to your hyperlinks, your followers will support you. Your bio is transformed into an online landing page containing your most important links and allows users to view your entire portfolio online.


Making good Instagram content doesn’t need to be difficult. Utilizing an Instagram post scheduler such as Creator Studio or Later can be the difference.

If you’re looking to bring your content one step higher, our team is thrilled to provide you with the Ultimate Content Calendar template for Social Media completely free!

This no-cost Instagram posting planner can be printed digitally in stunning 4K or as a large-scale printout for your desk. It doesn’t matter if you have a friend who uses it to collaborate or wants to stay organized. You shouldn’t be without this amazing free tool!


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