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How to Sell Your Home Faster With Property Listings

When writing your listing, there are many ways to attract potential buyers. Highlight curb appeal, double front porches, and white picket fences. Make sure to avoid overly “TLC” or outdated home descriptions. Those descriptions may not get your listing the attention it deserves. Instead, try to highlight your home’s greatest features, and let potential buyers get the full picture of it. The more effort you put into your description, the more qualified leads you will attract and the faster your property will sell.

Feature curb appeal

When listing a property for sale, it’s important to feature its curb appeal. It’s the first impression a potential buyer has of your home, so take advantage of that first impression by maximizing outdoor spaces. A Princeton study found that people form first impressions in as little as 10 seconds, so curb appeal is an important factor to consider. Buyers make decisions quickly, so a home that offers curb appeal can help make an even faster impression.

Curb appeal is often overlooked, but even the smallest details can make a home stand out from the competition. Potential buyers will immediately scan the front of a home for flaws or other imperfections. When that happens, your home may end up being a deal-breaker. To get the most potential buyers, make your curb appeal as attractive as possible. For best results, take photos of your home at the best time of day. And make sure to remove any clutter from the exterior of your home.

Highlight double front porches

For maximum curb appeal, highlight your home’s double front porches in your property listings. It might be as simple as mentioning the double porch, white picket fence, and dogs stretching their legs. Adding a front porch to your property listing will inspire buyers to inquire further. In this way, you’ll increase your home’s chances of achieving a higher sale price. If you want to sell your home faster, highlight double front porches in your property listings .

Highlight white picket fence

It is common for sellers to want to highlight a white picket fence in their property listings, but how do you make this happen? First, you need to know what makes a fence stand out. In the case of a white picket fence, its appearance is indicative of good curb appeal. When highlighting a white picket fence in a property listing, you can emphasize the fact that the fence is one of the most attractive features of the house.

A white picket fence provides comfort and privacy. It also symbolizes independence and financial freedom. In America, it is often included in visions of the American dream. Despite the popularity of the white picket fence, it is possible to reinvent it with a different material and decorate it for various seasons. The perfect property for this style can have a white picket fence no matter what time of the year it is.

Avoid “TLC”

TLC stands for tender loving care and is a common phrase used in property listings. While it may be a popular term with millennials, property listings agents should avoid using this term for a variety of reasons. It implies a property needs repairs or a higher-than-average amount of cash to complete. This slang term has no legal basis and is more of a marketing term than an actual description.

A house that needs TLC is typically not move-in ready, so if you are looking for a fast-moving home or are not willing to make any major renovations, avoid TLC listings. Although cosmetic repairs may not cost too much, structural problems can require licensed contractors to complete. Additionally, lenders will usually be hesitant to approve mortgages for “TLC” homes. So, be sure to look beyond the superficial defects and consider the cost of repairs before making an offer.

Avoid “Fixer”

You might want to avoid the term “Fixer” when listing your property for sale. Although this term may be appealing to many homebuyers, not all fixer-uppers are worth the time and money it takes to make them shine. Ultimately, the most important factor in selling a fixer-upper is location. Fixer-uppers that are located in undesirable neighborhoods near landfills or schools are not likely to be very attractive or sell well. Instead, look for fixer-uppers in up-and-coming neighborhoods.

When listing a fixer-upper property, be sure to highlight the potential of the property. This will give homebuyers the opportunity to visualize their own improvements if necessary. It is also a good idea to list the home with an inspection contingency, which gives buyers a variety of options if they are concerned about deeper issues. The price can be significantly higher than you might have originally expected, but it will not hurt to include a photo of your property so they can compare it with similar properties in the area.

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