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How to win the 2nd game of Monopoly ?

A version of this scratch ticket has already been offered , it was in 2014, unfortunately up to €100,000 to be won for a €5 game it was light, far from being a bestseller.

But now, after 6 years, Monopoly scratch is back completely revised and corrected version revisited by the French Games remastering team!

This time you can win up to €250,000 and the win rate is fantastic with over 28% winning tickets . That’s a 1 in 3.55 chance of winning a prize. This ticket is proudly positioned in pole position in the comparison of the best €5 games, a great introduction.

How is a winning Monopoly ticket ?

The ticket in the dominant yellow, red and white colors is reminiscent of the Monopoly game board. There are several sets of properties with a total of 26 destinations for sale. The game is made up of 9 zones each identified by a color with 2 to 4 properties.

The 4 stations are also available and there is always the Chance space and the good old Community Fund with its bad surprises.

Monopoly FDJ the ticket

To start the game you have to scratch the different dice displayed in the “Your Throws” area in the center of the ticket. This operation allows you to discover the 15 properties acquired on this first stage of the game. For each property there is its name and its associated color, the locomotive represents a station.

To win this new version of scratch-off Monopoly , you must obtain all the properties of an area . It takes Rue de la Paix and Avenue des Champs-Élysées to win €250,000. Because indeed the prize won is the one associated with the area of ​​which we own all the properties.

It’s lost ? Do not panic there is a 2nd game, fortunately because given the price of this ticket it is rapiat at stake but it is the habit of FDJ tickets at 5 € like Cash X20 or Jackpot

How to win the 2nd game of Monopoly ?

On this magnificent €5 ticket, it happens with the “Chance” and “Community Fund” boxes. You also have to scratch the 4 squares and if by chance you discover a winning symbol, the “Mr. Monopoly ” you win its associated prize. Winnings are also cumulative on this part of the game, with 4 squares it is 4 more chances.

On this stage, it is possible to win €5, €10, €20, €50 and for the lucky ones €100 or even €500! There may be a winning symbol with a sum of euros, it is won.

What are the odds of winning?

As announced before, they are numerous, but on what rank are they exactly? Because if it’s to win €5, it’s less interesting, but not at all. Explanation of the different prizes to be won and the chances of winning them.

Gainodds of winning a chance onProfitability index

€250,000 3 million 320 914

€50,000 1.5 million 64,183

5000 € 1 million 6418

500 € 120,000 642

100 € 1200 128

50 € 60 65

20 € 32.04 26

10 € 7.5 14

5 € 10 7

Total and average for all batches

win a game of Monopoly one chance on3.55 gambling profitability index

392 398

earn positively one chance on5.49

win a draw one chance on10

lose on the Monopoly ticket one in 1.39 chance

It’s not yet a win-win game , but the most likely prize is still €10. A 7.5 chance is more likely than the €5 prize.

Value of IGR prizes mpl chances of G. I. profitability MPL of the game Monopoly FDJ

What about this Monopoly Illiko?

The game is interesting, without necessarily being a fan of the board game, the fact of discovering 24 different properties and managing to own a complete set is original and not often offered.

The 2nd game remains quite light, there are no bonuses or games offered, but the odds of this game are very interesting, it is its big advantage.

Online game or scratch ticket?

This Illiko game released on March 2, 2020 is available in 2 formats, the usual scratch ticket or online game on its Illiko space player account .

For having tried both, the online version is to be avoided! Boring to death and weighed down with difficulties:

  • it is difficult to see the evolution of the properties acquired in the game and to identify those that are missing to win in an area!
  • Chance and Community Chest spaces are hard to find! I searched for a long time by clicking everywhere.
  • No accompanying music, no visual effects, no distractions. What penance!

I’ve rarely been so disappointed by an online game and I’ve tested more than 150 of them. All that for €5, no better than the scratch ticket because the chances of winning are the same and they’re interesting.

Strengths and advantages

There are some, here are the most interesting:

  • The chances of winning, 28.22% of winning games, is one chance in 3.55, while the average for €5 games is close to 26% and one chance in 4.
  • The profitability of Monopoly is also attractive with a index of 392,398 which is above the average which is around 350,000.
  • The chances of winning a prize of at least €10, higher than the cost of the game, they are also interesting and advantageous IGR is 18.21%, almost 3% more than the average for €5 games!
  • The TLR is also at 81.79%, this is the percentage of losing tickets added to the percentage of tickets earning only €5 the price of a game. This rate of 81.79% is low, the lower it is the more interesting it is, the average of games Illiko FDJ games at €5 is around 74%.
  • The most likely prize to win is €10, which is 2 times the 1/7.5 bet.

The rate of return to players on this game is 70%, usual for other €5 games, nothing to say about this sector, in the end here is a new game which has serious advantages.

FDJ Monopoly game area

$5 Monopoly Difficulties

A digital or scratch paper game with so many advantages also has negative points. They are not necessarily obvious when you have the ticket in hand. But looking a little closer at the prizes and probabilities here are the weaknesses of this game:

  • the MPL is unfortunately only €12.41. It’s not really a surprise because with such a winning ticket the FDJ cannot be generous everywhere. The average MPL of €5 games is close to €14, what are the lower price ranges?
  • The jackpot is €250,000 on Cash and jackpot it is €500,000 but where the prizes have melted it is also on the 2nd rank as well in value as in number. This is questionable when comparing with other €5 games. We can not say that it is a big penalty.
  • Winning a draw is one chance in 5.49 the average for €5 Illiko games is one chance in 9.37 this notion is also subject to discussion because whoever says more chances of winning his bet does not necessarily say and necessarily less chance of winning big, you have to compare all the probabilities.
  • An MPL of low intermediate earnings only €15.84 for all the same 18.21% of games.

Or play Monopoly ?

This game has been on sale since March 2, 2020, an online version on the Illiko player account space is offered but it is not at all the recommended version.

Here is a new game at 5 € after having had the ticket and online game The Treasure of the Pyramids a few weeks ago here is another Illiko game slightly more interesting in terms of the chance of winning and the values ​​of certain prizes.

A game ticket that I recommend, it has some nice attractions, when you think that thereal Monopoly game was created to denounce the dangers of capitalism and the antisocial nature of monopoly, here is a ticket that gives a touch of good conscience to this game, good idea!

Game Questions

🕹️ Is this new Monopoly ticket more interesting than the old one?

There is now €250,000 up for grabs compared to €100,000 on the old version. The chances of winning are also more favorable. Yes it is more interesting but it also has its weaknesses.

👀 What are the odds of winning the jackpot?

Almost impossible one in 3 million chance! The jackpot is 2.5 times more interesting than before, but it becomes a miracle.

🖐️ Where can we play this Monopoly ?

This scratch ticket is possible at FDJ points of sale and also online. Prizes and odds are the same. The ticket is offered untilAugust 29, 2021 but it is possible to play Monopoly on Illiko after this date.

🍀 What’s the easiest prize to win?

Good news, it’s not the last, it’s the €10 one and it’s also a 7.5 chance. An advantage of a €5 game

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