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How We Boost Ranking of our Website with SEO?

B2B SEO agencies refers to a collection of methods, techniques and tools that improve visibility on the internet and in search engine results. Also known as SERPs (Search Engine Results Page), There are four types:

Search Engine advertising (SEA)

 It results in an advertising campaign. We generally refer to paid referencing.

Search Engine Management (SEM)

This marketing strategy combines SEO and SEA.

Search Media OptimizationSMO)

This section is for optimization for social networks. The popularity of websites on SERP networks is increasingly taken into consideration by search engine algorithms.SEO Services in Lahore is about getting the best results. The second position is only 15%. Imagine if you’re on the second page.

What is the ranking of websites by search engines?

They will send robots to crawl pages in order to index them. It will then crawl all pages of the site according to the conditions specified by the search engine.

Google assigns a crawl budget for each site. This is a limit on the number of pages it will crawl per day. You can make it more important or less depending on several criteria. We’ll see these later.

What is SEO?

There are many things you can do to optimize your natural referencing online. These pillars are equally important.

The techniqueTo improve the infrastructure and performance of watchmaking sites, you need to look within the industry. It is important to encourage robots to move and to reduce crawl budget.

  • A loading time of less than 3 seconds
  • Clean code for websites
  • A logical architecture with consistent links between pages.
  • You can also discuss the responsive side. It is now the norm. Security is also important. Google is promoting secure sites at least in HTTPS.

How do you optimize your content?

 We will need to focus on different aspects of the page and the article in order to do that.

  Keywords are essential to an SEO content strategy. In this example, we want to be able to place ourselves on “SEO” or “Natural Search Engine Optimization”. Long tail keywords are 3 to 4 words.


They shouldn’t be too heavy. They will slow down your site’s loading, as shown in the previous pillar. You should also remember to include the ALT tag. This allows the robot know what the illustration or photo is. This allows you to position your self on image searches.

The number of words:

Google loves content. The more pages are filled with unique and relevant text, the better. For a page, we recommend a minimum 700 words and for articles, a minimum 1000 words.

he first is the tagging and organization of titles. One title in H1 should contain the page’s main keyword. Then, a consistent title structure is recommended. For example, an H3 title will not be placed after an H1. Instead, we will always begin with H2 subtitles which may lead to a lower H3 level. This is semantic markup. The Title and Meta tags are second.

The internal mesh is last. These links will take you to another page or article on your website. To learn more about DML Lahore, visit the page dedicated to SEO Services in Pakistan.


 Your Internet user must find the answer to their questions. For a moment, let’s forget about optimization and focus on what the user is searching for. If he visits your site for a specific reason, then he may have an expectation.


We don’t copy our neighbors’ content! Your content should reflect your thoughts. Google’s algorithm will quickly spot text copied or pasted from other sources and approve it. It’s difficult to regain your confidence once you have your hands in the bag.

Site authority

You will be able to establish authority in your field if you are well-known, popular and have weight. This is a very important part that takes a lot time and effort. You will need to build your professional network to be able to connect with other sites. At this stage, we no longer talk about competition but mutual aid.

It is important to get links from websites that are related to your core business. How can I get my link neighbour to talk about me? This question has many answers. There are many ways to answer this question

  You can still register for online directories. However, this will not increase your authority. Subscribe to specialist directories related to your field.

 User experience

Internet users should be able navigate the site easily without needing to think like robots. The site should be attractive or personalized with the company’s colors.

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