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Iconic ISLAMABAD multipurpose complex LAMAR TOWER

We are fully aware of the criteria buyers and investors use to find the appropriate house or investment opportunity. Location, appearance, and payment schedule! That is just what Islamabad’s Lamar Tower is lavishly presenting to its discerning investors.

You will find everything here as lovely as you have ever imagined, from location to construction. Windows open to a view of lush greenery, a tranquil setting, a gated community, children’s play areas nearby, and much more. There are no spaces in this project for gloomy afternoons and evenings. So picture how busy your company may be. How commercial is your way of life? Extraordinary!

You definitely don’t want to miss the Lamar Tower, which is due to be built to international standards. However, let us get your attention on the facts so that you can fully profit from them before drawing any conclusions.

Lamar Tower Islamabad: Why?

Nobody can stop the success of Lamar Tower Islamabad as a prime real estate investment opportunity. The project’s location and developments guaranteed the beginning of a profitable process. This implies that you can quickly reap the benefits of your investment. Every investor wants that, right? But hold on, there’s more to say!

What can visitors to Lamar Tower expect?

Lamar Tower, a renowned multi-use complex tucked away in the city, is Islamabad’s unrivalled investment opportunity. Everything is covered in this vertical development, from amenities to necessities. From Lamar Tower in Islamabad, schools, colleges, commercial centres, and hospitals are all within a short distance. The list of amenities available to investors is below.

Swimming pool, gym, SPA, standby generators, 24/7 maintenance, EV charging station in parking, water filtration plant, mosque, and car wash station in parking are just a few of the amenities offered.

Unmissable investment opportunities:

Lamar Tower, located in the heart of Islamabad’s E-11 Markaz, is providing the real estate industry with great investment options. The investor can enjoy lavish living and specialised surroundings here! What could possibly be more amazing?

E-11 Markaz is already well-known for its peaceful vistas and the opulent living it provides. Additionally, this site is bordered by all the important industries, such as hospitals, dining establishments, and commercial operations. In other words, financial support for Lamar Tower cannot be disregarded or overlooked. Because of this, Lamar Tower’s future is prosperous!

The pinnacle of luxurious living:

If you’re fascinated with having a spotless home with magnificent views all around you, Lamar Tower is where you should invest! The development of this project is roomy and aesthetically pleasing to provide homeowners a feeling of supreme luxury at any time of day. The magnificent apartments of Lamar Tower are everything you could ever want—comfortable enough for your chilly days and roomy enough for your festivities!

Lamar Tower is not just for residential purposes; it also has space for brands that are profitable and high-end! Commercial investors have a plethora of lucrative investment prospects at this multipurpose building. To encourage commercial activity at Markaz E-11, the building’s foundation levels have large shops available.

Since Lamar Tower has the highest client traffic and the highest returns on investment, you may launch your company here and lay the foundations for profits!

With our professional advice, make your reservation:

Your investments are absolutely valued by us! We want your next investment to be well-informed and profitable, therefore we recommend that you come to our office on site or just give us a call to get real estate expert guidance.

A 20% down payment and the remaining balance can be paid in convenient instalments to reserve a unit at Lamar E11 Islamabad. Below, we’ve provided a thorough payment schedule to assist you comprehend the costs.

  • 30% booking charge
  • 33 33% a month payments
  • 9.50% on Possession; 5 semi-annual payments at a rate of 27.5%
  • 3 years of simple instalments.
  • 3-year completion period.
  • 5% Club Card Discount.
  • 10% off of a 100% payment; 5% off of a 50% payment.

Remember that the project only owns a small number of stores and apartments, and that those properties costs will shortly soar. Call us right away to reserve your investment in Lamar Tamar’s name for a successful future.

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