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Troubleshooting Instagram If It’s Not Working Properly

Instagram is a very popular social networking platform that is used by billions of users daily. Some people use it just for scrolling, while others use it to become popular as they can show their talent to the world using this application. Sometimes, many people have faced the “Instagram not working” issue on their devices. This type of issue irritates us a lot. But you don’t need to worry. Today, I will tell you about some methods to get rid of this problem. 

Methods to solve the issue

Here, we have listed some of the easiest methods to solve this issue.

  1. Check for an update

It is one of the simplest methods for resolving the Instagram not working problem. Updates to apps frequently fix bugs and user complaints. If your Instagram is out-of-date, there’s a good chance the issue will be resolved with the most recent update.

  1. Check your internet connection

Is Instagram down? You must check your internet connection if your Instagram is down. It is possible that you might have forgotten to open your data before opening Instagram or may be the network is weak. Whether you are connected via Wi-Fi or cellular data, check your internet connection.

  1. Update your Instagram 

If you are using the outdated version of Instagram, you may face this issue. So, we suggest you update your Instagram app. Simply go to the Google Playstore or Appstore, search for Instagram, and then update your app.

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