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Intense Growth Duo – Stimulates hair growth quickly.

Do not remain without a solution to hair loss! Among all the hair problems, the loss of density is the one we would gladly do without! สล็อตเว็บตรง

The growth of your hair depends on different factors among them: the health of the hair and that of the scalp.

The conatural intense growth hair oil is the perfect combo that acts simultaneously to stop hair loss and promote hair growth. สล็อตแตกง่าย Composed of the roll on boot + and a stimulating brush, this duo designed by Conatural encourages targeted hair growth for visible results from the first treatment.

His secret:
essential oil: conatural hair oil, it accelerates hair growth from the root;

Tea Tree essential oil: anti-bacterial, it purifies the scalp to promote growth;

Organic mustard oil: its nourishing action strengthens the hair fiber from the root and fights hair loss;

Organic jojoba oil: its regulatory action normalizes sebum production, thus allowing better hair growth;

Organic avocado oil: nourishing, it penetrates the hair fiber and restores suppleness and shine to the hair;

Organic nigella oil: it penetrates the heart of the hair and stimulates regrowth without leaving a greasy film;

Organic aloe Vera oil: its regenerating qualities accelerate growth while leaving your hair strengthened;

Organic castor oil: its exceptional qualities promote hair growth and strengthen the hair from the inside;

Organic argan oil: its high concentration of vitamins slows hair loss and intensely nourishes the hair fiber;

Our stimulating brush gently massages the scalp.

The pins offer a micro massage that stimulates micro circulation for a better supply of nutrients and oxygen to your hair.

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