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Introduction to Currency Trading

Trading currency pairings essentially involves purchasing a currency and selling another one. For example, the USD/CAD pair. The base currency in this pair is the first one which is the USD and CAD is known as the quote currency.

Despite referring to two distinct currencies, it is considered as one because you are trading 2 currencies and not just the USD.

Basic Terminology for Currency Trading

Major Pairs

There are six main currency pairings that you will deal with on a daily basis while trading currency pairs. The USD/CHF, GBP/USD, USD/CAD, AUD/USD, USD/JPY, and EUR/USD are considered the 6 major pairs.

These are the currency pairs that are traded the most often and have the highest action or liquidity in the market. There is less volatility in these pairs because there are more traders active.

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Minor Pairs

In contrast, minor currency pairs are ones that trade less often than big currency pairs. They frequently have bigger spreads and are usually less liquid compared to the major pairs. Generally speaking, are pairs other than the 6 major pairs.

Exotic Pairs

Currency pairings from exotic regions frequently contain a unit from a nation that is emerging. They are referred to be exotic currency pairings not because of the nation in which they are found, but rather because of the added difficulties that come with trading. These types of pairs usually have a large spread and small liquidity.

FAQs in Currency Trading

What is the greatest method for trading currencies?

There is no perfect strategy when it comes to trading currencies. It always depends on several factors like currency, personality, and timeframe.

Currency trading is always evolving since your strategy right now may not work in the future.

Before spreading yourself too thin, you should acquire as many tactics as you can and concentrate on one until you familiarize yourself with the market.

How much cash is required to begin trading currencies?

You can start trading for as low as $100. Your capital is proportional to what you can potentially earn. Don’t expect to become wealthy overnight. Naturally, only you are aware of how much you are willing to risk in trading.

What distinguishes trading in currencies from trading in commodities?

The main distinction is that you are making predictions about changes in the prices of tangible goods when you trading commodities.

Currency trading involves making predictions about the relative worth of the currencies of other nations. A lot of traders are more comfortable with trading commodities because it involves actual tangible goods.

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