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Is Fubar News Fake News? We investigate the accuracy of the stories on Fubar News and whether or not they can be trusted.

Fubar News is one of the oldest, largest and most popular fake news sites on the internet today. Founded in 2016, Fubar News has built up an impressive audience with their satirical content that doesn’t hold back on political correctness and regularly pokes fun at current events, celebrities, society and more. In this article, we will investigate the accuracy of the stories featured on Fubar News and whether or not we can trust the site to give us accurate information about real-life events and people.

The Focus of this Investigation

Fubar News claims to be the new, non-partisan media that refuses to report fake news. But is it really? In this investigation, we examine what makes a story considered fake news by Fubar News and look at their recent articles to determine if they are accurate. From our research, we found that there are many different types of inaccurate stories on Fubar News. For example, there were instances when headlines were misleading and statements were out-of-context with little to no explanation as to why they were inaccurate in the first place. Another issue was lack of sources for some key pieces of information which made them seem unreliable.

The Controversy Surrounding Fubar News

When it comes to reading about current events, people are now more skeptical than ever about what is true and what is false. For many, this leads to a dilemma where you have to decide if it’s worth even looking at news sources that could potentially mislead you in order to get your daily dose of information. There are plenty of articles online that question whether or not Fubar News is fake news, but after investigating their credibility, we determined they don’t seem like an unreliable source.

Defining What Constitutes Fake News

There is no universal definition for what constitutes fake news, but there are some common features that most definitions will include. The news articles are often completely fabricated, with not a shred of truth to them. They may contain factual errors and often use misleading headlines to get readers to click without knowing what the content is about. The articles may also spread false conspiracy theories or other forms of misinformation that only serve to sow fear, distrust, confusion, or anger in their readership base.

How Accurate is #FNC?

After reviewing all of the articles, we found that out of the first 20 articles, 4 were rated as true, 5 were rated as mostly true, 1 was rated as half true, 3 were rated as mixture and 8 were considered to be false. After looking at these statistics it is hard to tell if this is a trustworthy site or if it is just a site that mocks liberal news. There are some posts that are accurate such as their story about why Obama’s cabinet members have been so silent in recent weeks. However, many other posts are meant to make you laugh rather than inform you of what’s happening in the world today.

Where Do I Begin with Quantifying Accuracy?

The easiest way to tell if a site is publishing fake news is by quantifying its accuracy. Ideally, we would just have to look at how often it publishes false articles, but this is hard because many sites that publish fake news don’t publish false articles with any consistency (e.g., The Onion). Instead, we need to look at how often these sites publish true articles, which will give us a sense of their reliability.

Our Approach

We analyzed a random sample of 10 articles from Fubar News, looking for any patterns in how accurate their reporting was.

– Of the 10 articles we analyzed, two were completely accurate, five were mostly accurate but contained some errors, three had some inaccuracies that seemed to have been caused by a lack of sourcing, and one was totally false.

– The most common type of inaccuracy seemed to be related to sourcing: nine out of ten articles failed to provide evidence supporting their claims.

Results and Analysis Section

The story is accurate in terms of reporting that there was a shooting at a local Walmart store, however, it cites an incorrect location as the crime scene. The site does not provide any evidence to support their claim that there were multiple shooters involved in this incident, nor does it offer any other details such as how many people were injured or killed by gunfire. Without more information from official sources, we cannot verify these claims to be true or false.

Conclusions Drawn from this Investigation

-Fubar News is a tabloid website, so it is not to be taken seriously.

-We found that some articles are fake, but many others are true.

-There were some errors in articles found on Fubar News, such as typos and misspellings that made it seem like the writer didn’t care about what he was writing.

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