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Is Official Rapid Tests Government Approved?

Is official rapid tests government approved

Everyone wants reliable and authentic documents from government-approved companies. Many test provider companies emerged during Covid-19 that provided services with many limitations. Among all these, a famous test provider organization caught the public limelight during Covid-19. Let’s discuss its attributes in detail and know whether it is government-approved or not.

What is Official Rapid Tests?

The famous test provider company that fills the gaps of other test providers is Official Rapid Tests. It is a title of a squad in which medical specialists work and interpret diseases in the general population, such as Covid-19.

Story of its Initiation

The primary objective behind Official Rapid Tests was to provide reliable services to the public with fast delivery, affordable rates, and authentic reports. The UK did not have an excellent test provider, but Official Rapid Tests solved all these problems.

Government Approved Official Rapid Tests

With all the fantastic attributes, the amazing one is Official Rapid Tests is UK and EU government approved. They have a license for providing the best test services in the UK. Anyone from the general population can enjoy their trustworthy services. You can have a Covid-19 test certificate with a UK government label from Official Rapid Tests. Food and Drug Administration has also approved their services after a detailed investigation.

CE-Marked Official Rapid Tests

Official Rapid Tests is a CE-marked website. The manufacturer applies for CE-marking from the EU government. The health care department of the EU does complete research and checks the product’s safety and protective qualities. After their complete satisfaction, they give the CE label to the product or service. So it exposes that The services of Official Rapid Tests are fully secure for the general public.

UKHSA Porton Down Approved Testing Kits

The University of Oxford and UKHSA Porton Down teamed up to check the validity of Official Rapid Tests Covid-19 testing kits in 2020. So, Official Rapid Tests promises to provide the validity-approved kits for Covid-19 test analysis. Including the UK government, the EU government also accepts the Covid-19 certificates from Official Rapid Tests. Their Test certification is available on their website. 

Testing Kits, You Can Order from Official Rapid Tests

You can order all kinds of Covid-19 testing kits from the website of Official Rapid Tests at affordable rates. The famous testing kits are the Rapid Antigen Testing Kit and PCR Testing Kit. Official Rapid Tests deliver valid devices that show more and more reliable results.

Countries That Accept Official Rapid Tests Reports

You can visit many countries with government-approved Covid-19 tests from Official Rapid Tests. The prominent countries you can visit are;

  • France
  • Italy
  • UK
  • Poland
  • Greece
  • Switzerland
  • Spain
  • Germany

Partnership Brands

Official Rapid Tests works in partnerships with famous brands that are mentioned below;

  • Universal Music Group
  • Embassy of Italy
  • USA Embassy
  • The Bank of New York
  • University of Oxford
  • Aston Martin


The famous test-providing group is fulfilling the UK government’s attributes and making the records in the history of medical test providers.

  • 150K+ happy customers
  • 98% accurate results
  • 5-star rating
  • 11189 exciting reviews from customers

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