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Super 8 offers a collection of candles. We sniffed them all and scored them.

It’s nothing new for hotel brands to melt their essence into wax — usually for a hefty price in the gift shop. We’re looking at you, St. Regis candle, with your notes of roses, lilies, and fruit blossoms. But an offering from an economy chain known more for roadside convenience than luxury is more of a head-scratcher. Bubble candle

A tribute to the year the first Super 8 opened, the price was $19.74. Wednesday marks the return of additional candles after the initial run-out. According to Mike Mueller, president of Super 8 by Wyndham, the chain’s lodgings are more frequently a pit stop en route to bigger experiences. He explained that the candles were “simply a fun, tacky way” to make guests feel at home.

Ten Post coworkers participated in our sniff test. For safety reasons, the candles were left unlit in the office. The only information the testers had was that the candles were made by Super 8, and since they were unable to learn more about each aroma, their reviews can only be partially interpreted as reactions.

Candles received ratings ranging from 0 to 10, with a maximum score of 100. No scent received even close to a perfect rating, and a few received a 0 from at least one smeller. One tester, though, vowed that they would remain in a Super 8 room if it smelled like the candle because they had a definite favorite.

No matter how they felt about actual coffee, our testers weren’t even neutral when it came to this coffee-scented candle. Some yelled out words with an animalistic undertone, such as “sounds of singed fur” or “canned meat.” Some people made more accurate predictions, likening the smell to flan, an iced cookie, or stale chocolate. One immediately recognized the aroma as a “cheap latte.”

Although the majority of testers correctly identified this aroma as being food-related, it doesn’t guarantee they enjoyed the food the chef was preparing. One person joked, “Bad drugstore ice cream,” while another mocked, “If high sugar had a fragrance.” Another got all sentimental and thought of “vanilla Lip Smackers.” The most precise sniffer correctly identified the notes as “sweet, syrupy, and vanilla.” such as breakfast.

Clean hotel sheets: pretty great. The smell of clean hotel sheets? A mixed bag. The least impressed of our group got notes of “urinal sponge” and “gas station bathroom,” but more tuned in to the “clean” fragrance. Referred to as “cleaning supplies” and “dryer sheets,” this scent was “kind of like laundry.” Well, exactly like laundry. Said one of the biggest fans: “Soapy, bath (in a good way) scent.”

One of the more divisive odors, this scent was the only one to land two zeros and two nines. The key seemed to be how you feel about smoke as a smell. The highest scores were enthusiastic about “charred embers after you put the campfire out.” Someone called it a “boyfriend smell.” Detractors were much more negative about bonfires, and also pointed out notes of “old bacon grease” or “beef jerky from a grocery store if you burned it with a lighter.” sang candle

A hot shower feels great after a long travel, even though we have no idea what it smells like. While some reviewers detected notes of “low-quality motel/hotel amenities” or “bathroom soap,” others indicated sugar cookies or pineapple hard candies. The biggest fans may have been reminded of the feeling after taking a shower, appreciating the aroma of “new, clean cotton bedding.”

Some people didn’t like the aroma, describing it as “cheap aftershave” or “incense.” But altogether, the scent was a hit because it seemed to capture trees and fresh air. It was described as “outdoorsy,” “a bit woody,” and evocative of a road trip by our testers. Powerful late-fall vibes were there. One person noted, “Warm, reminds me of a fire but not super strong.” “Cozy.”

The lesson learned from this project is that either no one is aware of the scent of gasoline, or the candle doesn’t genuinely smell like fuel. In any event, the majority of our testers were enthusiastic, citing several delightful possibilities. One person exclaimed, “Eggnog!” and added, “There’s cinnamon, custard, and the unmistakable aroma of nutmeg. Some smelled like lemon or “old people’s home candy.” One review’s journey essentially demanded its own road trip: “Yellow mustard. Likewise pink bubble gum. They also included cinnamon. They also had a child.

These 8 scented and designer scents.

Contrary to common assumption, there is still time to buy last-minute gifts for the holidays. In fact, if you purchase at Nordstrom right now during their limited-time holiday sale, you can save up to 50% on a high-end scented candle or set or luxury fragrance. Regardless of how you look at it, purchasing any of these demonstrates your excellent taste.

The Maison Margiela Replica Candle Trio is the greatest option if you’re seeking for the ideal scented candle for yourself or another person. It costs only $63.75, comes in lovely packaging, and includes three of the company’s top-selling scents (By the Fireplace, Lazy Sunday Morning, and Bubble Bath).

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