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Jute Chandelier & Others – How To Choose The Perfect One

A chandelier is the best option if you want to add glam to your lighting. It gives your space shape and a sense of completion and makes a unique style statement. It gives your space a luxurious appearance and enhances its beauty. Chandeliers are functional, elegant, and aesthetically pleasing all at the same time. Love jute chandeliers but don’t know which one to get for your home? For decorating ideas, check out our ultimate guide!

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Chandelier Space Considerations

Chandeliers draw attention to themselves. If the piece is too large for the room, it will make it appear crowded, and if it is too small, it will go unnoticed. Here’s how you can make your choice.

Diameter of Chandeliers:

As a general rule, measure the length and width of your space in feet, then convert that number to inches to get the diameter you need. 

Height of the chandelier:

The larger the circle of light on the floor, the higher you hang the dining room chandelier. And the light pool it creates gets smaller and brighter as it gets lower. Most apartments today have a ceiling height of 9 to 10 feet; if you choose a false ceiling, this distance will be even shorter. If your ceiling is 11 to 12 feet high, go for a tall chandelier. When you have a low ceiling, you need a more compact and not vertical style.

It’s important to remember that the height of the chandelier will also be determined by where the furniture is placed beneath it. If there’s enough space beneath it, you might hit your head on the lamps if it’s too low. However, above a living room or dining room center table, it can be as low as 6 to 7 feet from the floor.

Considerations for Chandelier Designs

Is it better to have uplights or downlights in a chandelier?

If you face the lights on your chandelier up, they will bounce off the ceiling and provide the soft, ambient lighting that will not cast shadows in the room. When the lights are parallel to the ground, they create exciting pools of light and shadow on the floor.

What Chandelier Lamps Should You Purchase?

LED lights use the least energy, so if going green is important to you, choose a chandelier with LED lights.

Traditional bulbs were incandescent and inexpensive but consumed a lot of energy. If you left the chandelier light on for an extended time, these lamps could drain your bank account. When purchasing the chandelier, consider these options because some styles are only meant to be used with a specific bulb type.

How Should a Chandelier Be Cleaned?

To keep its luster, your crystal dining room chandelier should be cleaned at least once a year. It’s best to hire a professional cleaner who knows what they’re doing because some pieces with intricate designs may need to be removed, cleaned, and reassembled. You might be unable to put it around the same way if you don’t see how it’s made!

You could also clean it right where it is, in small sections. Using a lint-free microfiber cloth, gently wipe away a solution of one part alcohol to four parts pure water. Cleaning products containing ammonia should never be used because they can corrode metal parts.

Metal and wood chandeliers and lighting grids can be cleaned similarly, but they may be easier to move around. When cleaning one section of the chandelier, use a stepladder to move it around. Don’t make the mistake of twirling the piece because it can become so tangled that it can’t be untangled.

We hope these ideas and tips have assisted you in selecting the proper lighting for your home. Jute chandeliers, among other things, are available at Bone & Brass. As a result, you can make your choice based on your preferences. Visit our website and review your options for placing an order with us.

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